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Things to know about credit cards
by Joseph Kenny
A credit card is a card that allows you to borrow money for paying your purchases but bound to a certain limit. At the end off every month either you have to repay the whole amount or a minimum amount. A planned credit strategy will enable you to imp
A credit card is a card that allows you to borrow money for paying your purchases but bound to a certain limit. At the end off every month either you have to repay the whole amount or a minimum amount. A planned credit strategy will enable you to improve your credit worthiness. The most obvious thing, which can be done for building a good credit history, is repaying your bills on time, taking measures to protect your credit standings and making your credit report accurate and flawless.

Before making the choice of the credit card there are various points, which are to be kept in mind:

Annual Percentage Rate is the amount of interest you pay every year on your borrowings. The higher APR will make you pay more finance charges. The minimum repayment you make is basically the interest but paying a little more will help you in the reduction of your past balance. APR is one thing that can burn a hole in your pocket. So keep it as low as possible.

Introductory rates: When you sign for the card you are offered with a low or 0% rate of interest for an introductory period. You must keep in mind that this interest free period is applicable on purchases and balance transfers as well. This will reduce your bill considerably.

Gold and Platinum cards: If you are a high-end earner and lavish spender then these two cards can work wonders for you. These cards have lower interest rate, high or no credit limit and are accompanied with several services and benefits.

Grace period: This is also known as interest free period in which you can repay your amount without added interest. This helps you with your debt burden.

Cash back and Rewards: There are various credit card companies which entitle you with the reward points which can be redeemed against free air miles, cash back or discounts. Keep a look that these points are viable for you like for example there is no use of collecting air miles if you never fly.

Balance transfer rates: This is the option, which is hunted by the people who are having a huge outstanding amount. Many cards offers lower rate of interest. Thus, if you transfer your balance from one card o another with lower interest it can help you with your debt problems and save a lot of money.

Late payments: This feature is the main stay of any credit card for careless spendthrifts. The interest keeps piling when you delay your payments. Thus, at one point of time the interest amount exceeds the principal amount. So it is advisable to check the charges levied on the late payments.

All these features and offers compile in to form a good credit card and you should be aware of your credit card well.

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