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Bankruptcy Guide
by Mansi Aggarwal
‘Bankruptcy’ the term that can raise the goose bumps of almost every individual who hears it and even a nervous breakdown to those who confront it. Bankruptcy stands for the situation when a person runs into huge debts and there is hardly any mone
Utah, the Nation's Bankruptcy Capital
by Charles Essmeier
Congress recently passed the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act, designed to minimize frivolous bankruptcy filings and to require debtors to repay some of their debt. Once it takes effect in October, 2005, the law will make i

Bankruptcy Your Best Bet?
by Alli Ross
Filing bankruptcy is a common practice among the U.S. Over 2 million people file for bankruptcy every year. So many families today are swimming in debt, which is not surprising with the amount of credit that is being offered. If you pay your bills

Bankruptcy vs. Credit Counseling: What Should I Do?
by Tim Gorman
Credit Counseling and bankruptcy are both ways to relieve the stress of debt. However, they are very different and it is important to understand both before making a decision as to which is best for you.Credit counseling is a program desig

New Bankruptcy Law – Where’s the Consumer Protection?
by Charles Essmeier
On April 20, 2005, President Bush signed into law the Bankruptcy Abuse and Consumer Protection Act, a piece of sweeping legislation that brought about the most sweeping changes in personal

Bankruptcy Reform: Designed to Protect Big Business
by Suzanne Arthur
Who will benefit from the new bankruptcy reform laws? The financial services industry and other big business groups, that's who.These groups contributed millions of dollars to elect Bush and other Republican candidates in 2000 and 2004, wi

How to Avoid Bankruptcy
by Noel Hynes
Bankruptcy is a legal way to offer folks with high interest debt a fresh financial start in life. In case you are considering personal bankruptcy as an answer to your debt problems, you are not alone. Bankruptcy is on the up and up as consumer deb

Bankruptcy and Buying a Home
by Carrie Reeder
Filing bankruptcy is a stressful time in a person's life. Along with discharging your debts and gaining a fresh start, you may wonder if you will be able to buy a home after a bankruptcy. The answer is yes! Mortgage companies and online lenders ar

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