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Are Debt Consolidation Mortgages the Best Solution for You?
by Sherry Frewerd
When faced with stressful credit problems, its often all that you can do to just get by from day to day, let alone try to get a loan to keep your house. Credit troubles can cause a family to despair and often simply give up hope. Today, lenders s

When faced with stressful credit problems, its often all that you can do to just get by from day to day, let alone try to get a loan to keep your house. Credit troubles can cause a family to despair and often simply give up hope. Today, lenders specialize in helping families and individuals find sources to consolidate their debts and save their home.

Once you have located a lender that you can work with, they will evaluate your three credit reports, and if the reports show defaults, they may be hesitant to offer you a loan. However, if the reports show that you have made an effort to clear up your outstanding debts, the lender may keep in mind that you had some financial troubles, but you are still making an effort to clear up your debts. Debt consolidation lenders are used to working with people with poor credit and financial issues, thats their business in the first place. However, the disadvantage of debt consolidation lending is that many lenders will often offer borrowers loans with high interest rates and mortgage repayments.

If you are looking to consolidate your bills by using a mortgage loan, then keep in mind that the lenders will require proof of income. They will ask you to provide your recent pay stubs to help the lender determine which loans best suit your needs. Most consolidation loan lenders will require up to three years of stable income to determine if you qualify for a debt consolidation mortgage loan. In addition, if there are bad points against your credit history, but you've shown an effort to clear up the debts, the lender will consider your good repayments, also considering the balance used to clear up the debts.

In todays world, one out of four individuals has credit debt trouble. As a result, debt consolidation mortgages are not unheard of; rather they are becoming part of one of the largest markets in the world. But despite their increased uses, there are still a number of downsides. Not only can they increase your overall debt load, but they also give the debt consolidation company an enormous amount of power, allowing it to increase your interest rates and mortgage payments.

Before you take on another loan, make sure that you have evaluated how and why you are in financial trouble in the first place. Find a non-profit organization that provides a free financial guidance course and take advantage of what they have to offer. Until you are aware of your poor money management habits and problems, your financial issues will never go away; youll just be putting a bandage on the problem temporarily. A consolidation mortgage loan may be the answer to many peoples trouble. Find out all that you can before you loose your home.

Sherry Frewerd publishes ‘How to Consolidate Credit Debt where you will find the free debt consolidation and money saving tips you need to make an informed decision about consolidating your credit debt.

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