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Help! Im In Debts. Can I Consolidate Them On My Own??
by Moses Wright
You are in debts and know you need help. You hate the idea of borrowing from friends and families and decided to pick yourself up on your own even if it is going to be harder. After much research, you find tons of debt consolidation comp
You are in debts and know you need help. You hate the idea of borrowing from friends and families and decided to pick yourself up on your own even if it is going to be harder.

After much research, you find tons of debt consolidation companies, services and programs. The question is - can you consolidate your debt yourself??

The answer is an emphatic “Yes!”

It is possible for every debtor to consolidate their debts. It is simply a process whereby you ask your creditors for better repayment terms including wavier of late fees penalty and lower interest rates.

Most creditors would also accept to give you better terms if you go into a debt consolidation negotiation with them. The main reason being if you file for bankruptcy, unsecured creditors - like your credit card companies will receive nothing for their loan.
Thus most are willing to give you better repayment rates to make sure they collect back their loans.

On principle, most creditors are willing to offer better repayment terms for people in cycle of debts. But the actual negotiation process might not be that simple. Because you are dealing with a group of debt collectors that are highly experience in debt collection and are trained to squeeze the maximum out of you.

Often easier to say than done - Debt consolidation negotiation requires you to have good or excellent negotiating skills to get the most out of your debt consolidation. It is also very important to know your bottom line and your bargaining chips.

It is therefore not surprising to find that third party debt consolidation companies often manage to get better terms and rates for debt consolidators. Reason being these companies are more familiar with your creditors debt settlement policies and know how to use them to your advantage.

You can consolidate your debts yourself and save on the debt consolidation fees. But most often than not, you will not be able to get the best repayment terms and rates than if you engage the service of debt consolidation companies.

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