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What is a Debt Consolidation Service?
by Christopher Luck
Debt consolidation means many things to many people. For some a home equity loan is a form of debt consolidation. Many people obtain loans from banks, loan companies and credit unions to bring all their debt under one roof and make a single, conve

Debt consolidation means many things to many people. For some a home equity loan is a form of debt consolidation. Many people obtain loans from banks, loan companies and credit unions to bring all their debt under one roof and make a single, convenient payment. That is another form of debt consolidation. A debt consolidation service is a way of dealing with debt by negotiating a complete overhaul of a persons bills. Debt services also help a person learn more about the ins and outs of credit. Ways to manage credit and use less credit are also areas which a debt consolidation service may address.

When people become so weighed down by debt that it has an ongoing affect on their daily lives it may be time to speak with a debt consolidation service. Many people delay this important conversation because they are embarrassed and feel that they have failed in ways that others have not. This is entirely untrue.

The current emphasis on material possessions coupled with easy access to credit even for those already overloaded with bills have brought many consumers to a point of financial crisis. Personal debt in America is at an all time high while personal saving is at an all time low. Many people have tapped the equity in their homes over and over again until those homes no longer hold any residual value. With no savings and no home equity, these people have nowhere to turn when their bills suddenly outdistance their incomes. When this happens asking for help is a strong and correct step.

How will a debt consolidation service help a consumer tackle his/her financial problems?

Many of the stresses caused by burdensome debt may be corrected by contacting a persons creditors and informing them of the problems the person is having in meeting his/her obligations. Individuals are often surprised to learn that most reputable companies are willing to work with their customers who have overextended themselves and are making good faith efforts to correct the problem. However, informing each credit card company and negotiating a restructuring of debts is a time consuming and tedious undertaking.

A debt consolidation service handles these tasks for the consumer. The service will contact the companies via the phone, regular mail and/or e-mail to make arrangements concerning the customers bills. All areas of the customers bills are subject to adjustment. Interest rates may be reduced. Late fees and over limit fees may be reduced or waived outright. The length of time for repayment may be lengthened. In some cases the amount of the debt may even be reduced.

In addition, the debt consolidation service will counsel the consumer on ways to avoid having similar problems again. A lot of people today do not understand how long it can take to pay off revolving debt when making only the minimum payment or slightly more. They may not understand the affect late payments can have on their ability to make large purchases like homes. Budgeting may also be an area in which improvements can be made.

Debt consolidation services may require a person to give up all credit cards and learn instead to save money for purchases, retirement and emergencies. Being weaned away from credit is often the most difficult step for many clients of debt consolidation services. Although credit repair is not a dominant goal of most debt consolidation services, it may be a happy side product of a persons reduced dependence on charge cards.

Christopher M. Luck has an extensive professional background in working exclusively with debt consolidation services and for the first time ever, is now offering his free debt consolidation secrets to the public. If you are at all interested in Christopher's advice, tips, or secrets, you can visit his debt consolidation blog

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