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Using a Home Equity Loan to Consolidate Compounding Bills & High Interest Debt
by Joe Prussack
Fundamentally, a debt consolidation loan is a home equity loan that is used for combining your high interest debts, in order to lessen your monthly payments. American borrowers are going into debt faster than ever, so the time has come to reduce

Fundamentally, a debt consolidation loan is a home equity loan that is used for combining your high interest debts, in order to lessen your monthly payments. American borrowers are going into debt faster than ever, so the time has come to reduce spending and borrow responsibly. Many people are getting debt relief from their homes recent surge in equity for financing debt consolidation or home construction. You save money by converting high interest rates and daily compounded interest on credit cards into a reduced rate debt consolidation loan. If you choose a fixed interest rate loan for consolidating debts, it will be amortized with simple interest annually. In addition to the lower rate, abolishing compounding interest supplements your monthly savings. If you have the ability to save $350 - $500 every month by taking out a 2nd mortgage, then at the end of the year you would have enough money to make a down payment on a vacation home. We suggest that you compare quotes from several lenders, because that puts you in a position to uncover the best debt consolidation solution for saving you the most money each month.

Many consumer fall into the credit trap that banks create by transferring balances from one credit card lender to another. If you are a person that only makes the minimum due each month, you could find yourself deep in debt quickly, because the interest compounds, and then your debt balance actually increases. Rather then making the bare minimum monthly, we propose that you get a financing edge, and take out a debt consolidation loan secured by your home. A fixed rate debt consolidation loan will offer you a responsible payment schedule, so you can eliminate the minimum payment crisis that extends your credit balances. Another important benefit from a secured consolidation loan is boosted credit scores, because the reduction in revolving credit balances usually has a very positive effect with the credit bureaus. I almost forgot... every loan officers favorite selling point for second mortgage loans is the new tax deduction. Your debt consolidation loan is considered a 2nd mortgage, so it is tax deductible up to 100% loan to value for loan amounts up to $100,000.

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Joe Prussack is considered to be an expert in debt consolidation with his consumer credit studies over the last decade. Learn more, with his Free Debt Consolidation Solutions and Debt Relief tips that are updatesd regularly at

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