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Warning Signs of When You Are In Too Much Debt
by Darnell Scott
Many people these days have more debt than they can handle. Some even have more than they make in a single year before taxes. But how do you know when you have too much debt? And how did you get into this situation? It may not seem possible that y

Many people these days have more debt than they can handle. Some even have more than they make in a single year before taxes. But how do you know when you have too much debt? And how did you get into this situation? It may not seem possible that you could have gotten so far in debt you feel as if you are drowning in it.

Getting into a lot of debt can come from the obvious things such as buying too many luxuries like new cars, a big house, the best appliances, etc. Big purchases add up the fastest because they are more expensive. Getting too many at once without paying off previous ones can put you in financial straights to pay off the loans. This of course can lead to repossession of these items if you are not careful. Small purchases over time on a credit card, without paying the balance in full each month, will get you in high debt. And you wont even know how you got so deep because you have nothing big to show for it. Unpaid hospital bills will add up if they are ignored. They also affect your credit rating. Even with insurance, they can get steep depending on what the bill is for in the first place. Paying only the monthly minimum on any card while continuing to use it will cause your debt to mount. Its like making many small purchases because it sneaks up on you and suddenly you cant make all the minimum payments without having anything left over afterward.

Student loans are a culprit of high debt that many people dont think about. It is getting even more serious with tuition costs rising yearly as well. It may seem hard to believe but people also get in over their heads trying to keep up with their neighbors. These days people will act like they have more money than they really do just to not be left behind in fixing up their house, owning a Siamese cat, or other such things. Some good, some bad. Having children can even be a culprit in your high debt. They need so much all the time, that you could suddenly have spent $500 and see nothing in return. And getting stuck in a job where there is no advancement or wage increases even yearly can get you farther into debt. Of course, any combination of these problems can plague you with high debt.

In this day of high debt, many people are using debt consolidation to help lower their bills. A debt consolidation lowers your payoff by negotiating with your creditors for a smaller payment. You have to save for it before you can pay it off, which can take a long time. Especially if you are so stretched you cant save any money for retirement. But the payoff can be 40-60% off what your total amount owed.

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