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Finding Government Debt Consolidation Programs
by James McDonald
For most of us getting into a situation where your debt is out of control is an easy thing to do. Obtaining credit cards and other high interest lines of credit is commonplace and once you have them it is easy to put your purchases on them. Since

For most of us getting into a situation where your debt is out of control is an easy thing to do. Obtaining credit cards and other high interest lines of credit is commonplace and once you have them it is easy to put your purchases on them. Since you don't have to pay right away you feel like you can afford it, but in reality the interest is piling up each month. One method you can use to get the help you need is a government debt consolidation loan.

The U.S. government has come up with certain loans for people that are struggling under the weight of a heavy financial burden. As with any consolidation loan you can easily move all of your outstanding balances under one umbrella which has several key advantages. The biggest advantage is you will be paying much less interest each month. You will have only one interest to pay instead of several from your other balances, and with a government debt loan the interest rate will be much lower. This means that for each dollar you put towards your payment you will be reducing your outstanding debts by a larger margin, and thus your balance will decrease faster.

Now that you know what type of help is out there, where can you find it?

The best place to find these is to go directly to the source, meaning finding the right government agency. One of the drawbacks to this approach is it can be confusing wading through alot of documentation, trying to find the right contact or form for your specific situation. Once you find the number you can call the government agency and they will provide you the direction you need.

You can also look around on the internet as some websites are geared specifically towards guiding financially strapped individuals towards the right debt consolidation programs that are currently being offered. While this will save you time since they do the leg work for you there usually is a fee associated with it. You can, however, find non-profit businesses for the guidance you need.

Once you start down the path to financial freedom through consolidating your outstanding loans, the government agency will give you advice on how to stay debt free. It is important to follow their advice to avoid a recurring problem. They will tell you how to budget your income for paying your bills ontime, how to not charge future purchases unless they are absolutely necessary (emergencies), and how to increase your credit rating through sound decisions.

You don't need to have your life taken over by your financial situation. There is help out there for you through government programs. It won't be easy to get back on track but the hard work will be worth it.

James McDonald writes for where you can read more about debt consolidation and other financial topics. You can learn about reducing your debts via a variety of methods.

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