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Credit Card Debt Consolidation Basics
by Craig Thornburrow
The Forms of DebtWhen you can't pay the total of your bills every month or when you miss a payment, then you have officially joined the ranks of almost half of Americans who are in debt. Do you get letters requesting payment for services or

The Forms of Debt

When you can't pay the total of your bills every month or when you miss a payment, then you have officially joined the ranks of almost half of Americans who are in debt. Do you get letters requesting payment for services or products you have received? Is the phone ringing early in the morning and late in the evening with creditors and debt collectors wanting to know when exactly you intend to pay? Have your utilities been shut off due to lack of payment? Credit cards cancelled because you are over the limit and can't afford the minimum monthly payments? Then, yes, you too are in debt, and the best way to get out of it fast is credit card debt consolidation.

Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt in particular is one of the most difficult types of debt to shake. These require minimum payments made by a certain date each month and should you be unable to make the minimum payment or if your check arrives late, you get smacked with a hefty fee on top of the interest rates that you continually accrue on all unpaid balances.

Another sneaky aspect of credit card debt is that great introductory or promotional rate that the lender gave you. Yes, that low rate was very seductive but it only continues if you make your payments in full and on time. Miss just one payment and they can crank that interest rate as high as they want. In fact, they can up the interest rates after any introductory or promotional periods have passed to as high as they want as long as they notify you. You don't have to keep the credit card, but you do have to pay off the remainder of your balance before you can close your account.

Credit Card Debt Consolidation

The term alone is intimidating. What does it mean? Credit card debt consolidation is the act of taking all your credit cards, adding up their balances, and creating one (consolidated) credit card bill.

With the help of a financial services agency, you can not only consolidate your credit card debt, but you can make just one payment every month instead of trying to keep up with multiple minimum payments and various due dates. Additionally, the interest charges and over limit payments will no longer add to the principle balance. Your monthly payment will also be smaller.

Since credit cards began with the Diners Club card in the 50s, credit card debt has been a problem for Americans. You can get yourself out of the debt trap by utilizing credit card debt consolidation and save your sanity at the same time you save your wallet.

A contributing author, Craig Thornburrow is an acknowledged expert in his field. For more information on debt, debt consolidation loans and credit card consolidation visit our recommended site at:

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