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What Is A Debt Consolidation Program?
by Tim Gorman
Debt consolidation programs are devised to get you out of debt in the quickest and most inexpensive manner possible. When you sign up with a debt consolidation manager they will work with your creditors to combine all your debt and lower your mon

Debt consolidation programs are devised to get you out of debt in the quickest and most inexpensive manner possible. When you sign up with a debt consolidation manager they will work with your creditors to combine all your debt and lower your monthly payments. It is a debt settlement arrangement that works by lowering your interest rates and forgiving your late fees thereby lowering your monthly payments.

When you are approved for a debt consolidation loan all of your debt will be combined into a single monthly sum. This payment is then split up and distributed between all of your creditors. You will pay one simple low interest rate on this amount as opposed to the several different high interest rates you were paying before. A debt consolidation loan is an excellent way to avoid extreme debt relief methods such as bankruptcy. You will need collateral when applying for a debt consolidation loan, how much will be determined by how much you need to borrow.

Banks and creditors look upon debt consolidation loans favorably because they realize you are taking positive methods to repay your debt. The majority of creditors are willing to work with debt consolidators in lowering your monthly payments or interest rates because they see this as an opportunity to have debts paid in full and in a timely manner. Debt consolidation loans are helpful aspects of improving your credit history. When you pay off your debt you will often earn more credit and higher credit ratings.

There are several different debt consolidation services on-line today. lists seven of the best agencies advertising on the net. ADNSgroup of the National Legal Debt Centers ranks as number one on their list. There is a $20,000 minimum debt required to apply. Achieve Financial Security ranks in at number two with a $10,000 minimum debt required to apply. is number three, has no minimum debt required and gives you the option select consolidation or settlement. CareOneCredit ranks in at number four and has a $2,500 minimum debt. CuraDebt is number five and has a $10,000 minimum debt requirement. FamilyCreditHelp ranks as number six, has no minimum debt requirement and specializes in helping you free up extra cash. Last but not least on the top seven lists is DebtAdvocatesOfAmerica with only a $5,000 minimum debt requirement.

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