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Free Credit Card Debt Consolidation - Using Non-profit Organizations
by Carrie Reeder
Non-profit debt consolidation agencies offer free help to persons burdened with excessive credit card debt. Acquiring debt is easy. Unfortunately, reducing debt is a bit more challenging. For this reason, some people choose bankruptcy to ease fina

Non-profit debt consolidation agencies offer free help to persons burdened with excessive credit card debt. Acquiring debt is easy. Unfortunately, reducing debt is a bit more challenging. For this reason, some people choose bankruptcy to ease financial worries. Before taking drastic measures, consider other options. Through a non-profit debt consolidation agency, you can reduce debts and restore credit rating.

Why Consolidate Debts?

Debt consolidation is one of the easiest solutions to excessive debts. Many factors contribute to too much debt. While some people generally fall upon hard times and must survive on credit, others are drowning in debt due to unnecessary shopping. Whatever the reason, there is an effective solution.

By consolidating debts, you choose to lump all creditors into a single bill. Unlike home equity loans and personal loans, debt consolidation agencies will not disperse money. Instead, the agency will speak with creditors and negotiate a lower interest rate. Lower rates mean lower monthly payments.

Benefits of Using a Non-Profit Debt Consolidation Agency

There are many different types of debt consolidation agencies. All share a similar goal. However, some agencies choose to profit off the misfortune of others. Hence, clients are charged a one-time enrollment fee and a monthly service fee. Thus, only small portions of monthly payments actually go toward reducing debts. On the other hand, non-profit debt consolidation offers free services. Therefore, clients never pay a service fee.

An addition benefit of non-profit debt consolidation agencies is the ability to payoff credit cards within a few years. On average, repayment plans for debt consolidation is two to seven years. However, larger debt amounts may require a longer payoff period.

Choosing a Debt Consolidation Agency

Because of the variety of agencies, it helps to research different companies before applying. Each debt consolidation agency has its own requirements. For example, some favor clients with larger debts, whereas others will accept persons with debts under $2,000.

Requesting a free quote is the best way to know whether a debt consolidation agency is right for you. Simply complete an online application or contact an agency by telephone. Provide the agency with information pertaining to debts, and a credit counselor will contact you with a realistic and affordable payment plan.

ABC Loan Guide has a list of suggested companies that can help you with a Consumer Debt Solution. Also, we have recommended providers that can assist you with a Debt Management Plan.

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