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Things to Look Out For Before You Take Up a Debt Consolidation Loan
by Moses Wright
You are in debts and have decided to start afresh with a debt consolidation loan. At this time, the last thing you need is unfavorable terms that will keep you in debts for even longer time. Be sure to check out the following aspect befo
You are in debts and have decided to start afresh with a debt consolidation loan. At this time, the last thing you need is unfavorable terms that will keep you in debts for even longer time.

Be sure to check out the following aspect before you commit and finalize your debt consolidation loan.

Upfront Fees
Small upfront fees like processing fee are common in most debt consolidation loans. Avoid loans with expensive upfront fees and companies that offer to charge you large commission to help reduce your debts.

Interest Rate
Your interest rate should be much lower than that of your credit card rates. A debt consolidation with high interest rates will only slow you down in clearing your loan off. Get and compare as many loan quotations as possible. It would be best to get a fixed interest rate loan such that your monthly payments do not change over time. It will be easier for you to plan your budgeting.

Repayment Period
Your loan repayment period should not be too long as it will increase the amount of interest paid. You can even find yourself paying more than before you consolidate your debts. As far as possible, you should aim for the shortest repayment period to save you on the interest. Try to work out a repayment period and amount where you can manage.

Effects on Credit Rating
Understand your debt consolidation loan procedures before you sign your loan. Ask if it is going to affect your credit rating and scores. Avoid lenders who are not clear on the issue as these are most probably the ones that will mess up your credit rating.

Local Consumer Affairs or the Better Business Bureau
It is in your best interest to check out the reputation of the company that you are working with. You want to avoid working with someone who receives tons of complaints. Check you with your local Consumer Affairs or online with to see if there anr any outstanding issues with your lender.

With all the above factors considered, you should be able to find a good debt consolidation loan to help you regain a debt-free life.

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