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Low Interest Debt Consolidationcheaper route to ease debt burden
by Alex Jonnes
When you think of going for a debt consolidation then it is not just bringing all those debts under one lender that you have in mind. More than that you wish to save the money that you have to pay in the form of high interest rate and, in many cases,
When you think of going for a debt consolidation then it is not just bringing all those debts under one lender that you have in mind. More than that you wish to save the money that you have to pay in the form of high interest rate and, in many cases, you want to save your creditability as well. Low interest debt consolidation is useful in lowering the amount you pay as monthly installments so that you have more money at the end of the month. Low interest debt consolidation enables one to improve his/her credit score.

However, instead of rushing to the lender for a low interest debt consolidation, you should first do some homework and searching to arrive at the interest rate that suits your budget and the amount you need.

The first step towards low interest debt consolidation is that you make the best use of your property to be offered as collateral to the lender. Your home, car, bank account or any property is enough to assure the lender of his loaned money. Since the aim here is to avail low interest rate, see if the collateral is of a higher value or is easily saleable, such as an automobile. On having such a security, the lender normally agrees to the low interest rate asked by the borrower. But the amount you ask from the lender also plays a big role in determining the interest rate.

Lenders usually offer loan for low interest debt consolidation in the range of £5000 to £70000.You surely would be asking the amount that pays off all your previous debts. But it will benefit you even more in bargaining for low interest rate if the amount asked is less than the value of the collateral.

You can get the loan from many sources. Look for small local banks or financial companies, as they will easily offer the consolidation loan at low interest rate to enhance their business. Also compare the interest rates of different lenders online so that you choose the right one.

Loans for low interest debt consolidation can be availed on variable or fixed rate of interest. If you opt for the variable rate you may get low interest rate in the initial stage but chances are that the interest rate may escalate within a few years and you end up paying more. On the other hand, interest rate remains at the same lower level in a fixed rate loan option.

The repayment duration also is of great importance in availing debt consolidation at low interest rate. Low interest debt consolidation should not stretch beyond 10 years and better keep it within 5 years in order to avoid bigger interest cost in the long run.

Keep these basic but vital tips in mind when you have decided to opt for a low interest debt consolidation to avoid the pitfalls on the way.

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Alex Jonnes is associated with Easy Debt Consolidations. He is Masters in Business Administration and writes on various finance related topics. To find Debt consolidation loan bad credit, Low Interest Debt Consolidation visit

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