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by Medha Roy
There was a time when incurring debts was looked down as one of the worst crimes ever. People were punished for not repaying within the stipulated time. Charles Dickens' s father spent months in a debtor's prison because he was unable to pay of

There was a time when incurring debts was looked down as one of the worst crimes ever. People were punished for not repaying within the stipulated time. Charles Dickens' s father spent months in a debtor's prison because he was unable to pay off his debts. With other ghoulish crimes taking center stage, debts have become a commonplace now. However, sinking in debt has increased with the introduction of newer and scientific temptations. Credit cards are the most popular and the worst temptation. All of us feel rich all the time because of these plastic cards. We hardly realize the pains we have to go through once it is paytime.

Anyway, don't get too worked up if you have bills flying in from all directions. You feel you have hit the bedrock of life with so many debts. You may find no way out other than bankruptcy as the only feasible solution to all your debt-related problems. Stop. There are ways out of this misery. Debt reduction services are available that will not only reduce your debt but will also eliminate debts altogether! Isn't that a wonderful idea?

Debt consolidation is the most preferred method of settling your debts when you see nothing but debts all around. What is debt consolidation? It is the process in which multiple debts are clubbed into one. Secondly, you have to make only one low monthly payment. You interest rates will be slashed by your creditors. This will be possible only by the debt consolidation experts. At this point, you must realize there are as many frauds in the market as there are genuine people trying to help you out. Some are there only to make fast bucks. Beware of them. How will you do that?

To choose the best debt reduction service, make a list of all the firms that promise to help you relive a debt-free life. Call them one by one. If they are all-too-eager to give you a quote on the phone itself, cross them out immediately. And, if they tell you their fees before they tell you how they are going to make life simpler and better for you, hang up. These are the ones who are out to make money. The best debt reduction service is one that will ask for all your details. They will ask you whether your debts are secured or unsecured; how many credit cards you use; names of your creditors; how much you owe to each, etc. This shows they know their business and they are here to help you.

Once you enroll in a debt reduction service, rest assured your bad days are over. No more threatening phone calls from abusive creditors. In fact, that is one of the first things that will stop. Thenceforth, live your life within your means. Save enough to pay the minimum monthly payment. High interest rates will drop and you will literally see your debts vanish in front of your eyes. And, you will be surprised to see the same creditors reduce interest rates.

Finally, it is always advisable to avoid falling into debts in the first place. Control your temptation. That's the first lesson to learn. Don't buy things you don't need. Focus on necessities. Only then you will be able to save money for luxuries. The best debt reduction service will help you out of your worries. But, what if you didn't need their help at all? To avoid such trouble, chalk out a budget for the entire family in the beginning of the month. Live by it strictly. You will see, paying off your previous debts and keeping aside money for trips and parties will stop being a bother.

Author : Medha Roy
Date Posted : 09 -July - 2005
Website :

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