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In-School Student Loan Consolidation3 Things to Know
by Carrie Reeder
With interest rates on student loans rising, many students are considering consolidating their student loans. This article covers the three things you need to know before consolidating:Consolidating Your Loans Locks You In At Lower Inter

With interest rates on student loans rising, many students are considering consolidating their student loans. This article covers the three things you need to know before consolidating:

Consolidating Your Loans Locks You In At Lower Interest Rates

Consolidating your student loans before interest rates rise will lock you in at the lower interest rate. That interest rate is then fixed for the life of the loan. The lower interest rate could save you thousands of dollars in interest charges over your repayment period.

Consolidating Requires You to Forfeit Your After-Graduation Repayment Period

On unconsolidated student loans, the government pays the interest on your loans for six months after you graduate. This means that you wouldnt be responsible for a payment during this time. However, consolidating your student loans forfeits this grace period. You will be responsible for payments on your loans immediately after graduation. Students considering consolidation should first determine their ability to begin making loan payments before they have the opportunity to look for a job. If you want more information about student loan consolidation services visit

Interest Rates May Go Down Before You Graduate

Recently, interest rates have been steadily rising. However, they may not continue to do so. If you consolidate, you are locked in at the current rate for the lifetime of the loan. If you dont consolidate, your interest rate will fluctuate depending on economical conditions. It is possible that interest rates will drop lower than the current rate in the future. However, if you consolidate now, you will be locked in at the current rate regardless of the state of the economy. The maximum interest rate that can be charged on student loans is 8.5%.

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