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by Carrie Reeder
Sometimes debt becomes too much for a person to handle. Bill Collectors are calling and they can barely make their minimum payments. Trying to talk to credit card companies and collection agencies alone can be a very frustrated experience. M

Sometimes debt becomes too much for a person to handle. Bill Collectors are calling and they can barely make their minimum payments. Trying to talk to credit card companies and collection agencies alone can be a very frustrated experience. Many institutions will offer to help people with debt get out as fast as possible. However, many of these companies profit off of others misfortune. Non Profit debt consolidation companies are just the opposite. It is their job to help people in financial distress, with no fees or service charges.

What are Non Profit Debt Consolidation Companies?
Non profit debt consolidation companies are organizations that provide free credit counseling and clean up to individuals in financial trouble. These companies call credit card companies and other companies that their clients owe money to and negotiate payment schedules and sometimes even reduction in payments. The client pays them and they pay the credit companies, therefore minimizing the relationship between the client and the collectors.

Who Qualifies For Debt Consolidation?
Everyone is available to apply for consolidation, and there are many choices out there. Most companies will require their clients to have a certain amount of debt counseling to ensure that they are learning from the experience and that they are armed with good tools to fight debt.

Where to find Non Profit Consolidation Companies
The best place to find non profit debt consolidation companies is on the internet. There are many choices, but the key is to find one where you can actually call or possibly even meet with someone to discuss your financial history. Companies that just want written statements about a clients credit are not looking out for the best interest of that client.

Bonus: Debt Counseling
Another perk of non-profit debt consolidation is that they often give free debt counseling as a part of their services. In these counseling sessions they will discuss setting budgets, talking to credit card companies, and rebuilding credit. This often helps ensure that people will not end up in the same situation again.

To see a list of recommended companies for consumer credit repair, or for Credit Card Debt Consolidation Services, visit ABC Loan Guide.

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