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Consolidate Your Debt Online - How to Know What Kind of Service to Use
by L. Sampson
When it comes time to consolidate your debt, there is more than one kind of service available. It is wise to research each type of consolidation service so that you can choose the one that is best for you.Home Equity Debt Consolidation

When it comes time to consolidate your debt, there is more than one kind of service available. It is wise to research each type of consolidation service so that you can choose the one that is best for you.

Home Equity Debt Consolidation Loans

Home equity consolidation loans use the equity in your home to give you the cash to pay off your high interest credit cards. The idea behind a home equity loan is that the interest on the mortgage will be substantially less than the interest on the credit cards. This is true initially, but if you choose to take a long time to pay off your mortgage, over the years, the amount of interest you will end up paying can total much more than the interest on your credit cards.

There is also the risk of losing your house, which must be carefully considered. A credit card company cant take your house away, but if you use your house as collateral to get a loan to pay off your credit cards and something happens that prevents you from making your loan payments, you could lose your house.

Debt Consolidation and Credit Counseling

Credit consolidation loans are often a great option for lowering your monthly payments and the overall amount of interest that you will pay. Often offered through credit counseling companies, these consolidation loans come with the benefit of having someone work with you to budget a way to pay your debts off. Often the consolidation company will negotiate on your behalf with the credit card companies to actually lower the amount of money you owe. This is a great option if you dont own a home that you can use for a home equity loan.

Be Wise With Your Credit Cards

One thing to remember when you get a consolidation loan; you will see an immediate drop in your monthly payment and it can be tempting to start buying things when you see the zeros on your credit card statement, but be wise with your credit cards. Just because you have consolidated your debt, doesnt mean you dont have to pay anything back. Dont get stuck with a consolidation loan payment and another stack of credit card bills.

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