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Don't Stall Your Career Before You've Turned On The Ignition: Student Loan Consolidation
by Roger Rylax
Your parents were right. Its a cut-throat work environment out there, and unfortunately its a fact that not many employers will give you the time of day if you dont have a University degree. Its a prerequisite if you want to m

Your parents were right. Its a cut-throat work environment out there, and unfortunately its a fact that not many employers will give you the time of day if you dont have a University degree. Its a prerequisite if you want to maximize your chances of a smooth entry into the workforce and a respectable career. However, its also true that many families find the expense difficult to shoulder, and it is likely that you had to or will have to resort to student loans. These debts can add up faster than you think over your three or four year degree, resulting in a massive financial burden by the time you graduate.

It was drilled into my head that I would need a good degree to have a good career, but I primarily focused on the academic aspects and never actually considered the accompanying debts until they were thrust on to me. I was naive; for some reason I subconsciously thought that my parents would take care of everything, but more importantly I just underestimated the costs involved. This is a common error among many young people heading off to University, but sooner or later the bills will make themselves felt. I finally started to really watch my finances when I realized the debt that I was accumulating through my student loans, and I did what I could to get some income by applying for numerous grants and working part-time during the summer.

Despite this, by the time I graduated I had close to 10 thousand pounds to repay. Needless to say, since I did not have a job secured upon graduation, I would have had a spectacular problem if I had not quickly turned to student loan consolidation. I would definitely advise you to do your research and compare what you find, but a good service will consolidate the payments to multiple lenders into one low monthly payment, save you lots of time and stress, and give you room to breathe. Student loan consolidation is indispensable for most new college graduates; even those who manage to find a sterling job immediately are not likely to have the savings to clear their student loans.

Student loan consolidation is an excellent option to have after graduation, but you will make it much easier on yourself by properly recording and budgeting your spending as a student. While it is easy to relax and go over your budget, you will frequently regret it later. One of my classmates from London was lucky enough to start his degree with a comfortable level of finances, but as is often the case, this unfortunately showed in his spending. By the time he graduated he had accumulated the potentially disastrous sum of more than forty thousand pounds in debt. However, with the help of student loan consolidation services he thankfully managed to significantly ease his repayments and get his finances in order.

Ultimately, if you are worried about your student debts, it will be well worth your time to look into these debt consolidation services now, so that when the time comes you will be ideally positioned to jump headlong into that big bad job market without your student debts holding you back.

Roger Rylax is a journalist for Debt Consolidation UK, a personal finance website providing free help, advice and resources on topics such as debt consolidation, bad credit loans and refinancing.

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