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Free Debt Consolidation Quote - How To Find a Good Debt Consolidator Online
by Carrie Reeder
If you need to bundle your bills and creditors into one monthly payment, you may need a debt consolidation company. Unsure how to find one? Try looking for one online! By searching the Internet for a debt consolidator, you have access to hundreds

If you need to bundle your bills and creditors into one monthly payment, you may need a debt consolidation company. Unsure how to find one? Try looking for one online! By searching the Internet for a debt consolidator, you have access to hundreds of companies that can help you manage your finances and control your debt. To find one, try these simple tips:

Do a simple search.

Use your favorite search engine, like Google, Yahoo or Excite, to search for basic terms like "debt consolidator," "debt consolidation," or "debt management." Chances are you'll end up with millions of hits! All you need to do is narrow it down to a few different companies for closer scrutiny and comparison. To narrow down the choices, look for…

A free debt consolidation quote.

There are, unfortunately, lots of scammers and thieves who are hoping to take your money and run. And, in many cases, they pose as legitimate debt consolidators and prey on folks who have found themselves in a financial bind. And they won't help you consolidate your debt! Instead, they take their fee and never offer you any services in return. So how do you spot a scammer? Make sure the company offers a free debt consolidation quote. Unscrupulous thieves will often try to charge you a "fee" just to review your case--before they do any work for you! Most legitimate debt consolidation companies will review your paperwork--like bills, income and credit history--and then give you a price quote so you know how much their service will cost. Once you think you've chosen the right company…

Check with The Better Business Bureau.

To make sure the debt consolidation service is legitimate, and that no complaints have been filed against them, check with the Better Business Bureau. They'll be able to tell you if consumers and customers--like yourself--have filed any formal complaints about the company's business practices, costs or services. You might also look to see if the company belongs to any national associations or organizations that regulate or monitor its services.

Try using one of ABC Loan Guide's Recommended Debt Consolidation Companies.

It's easy to find a debt consolidator online as long as you're willing to go that extra step to ensure the company is legitimate. Never work with a debt consolidation company that you feel is neglecting your case because they're only interested in collecting a fee.

View our recommended sources for Bad Credit Debt Consolidation. Also, consider checking your own credit to know ahead of time what your credit situation is, view our recommended sources for Free Credit Report.

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