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Who are Debt Collectors?
by Darell Mckissick
If you are reading this, odds are you have been contacted by one or more collection agencies.Undoubtedly they claim you owe them money. They have a knack for harassing the unsuspecting and wrecking credit files indiscriminately.But w

If you are reading this, odds are you have been contacted by one or more collection agencies.

Undoubtedly they claim you owe them money. They have a knack for harassing the unsuspecting and wrecking credit files indiscriminately.

But who are these collection agencies and what powers do they possess?

The truth is that debt collection agencies are all but totally impotent when it comes to taking anything away from you unless they can con or scare you into giving it to them voluntarily.

Debt collectors are required to follow a set of laws called The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, or FDCPA.

These laws severely limit what a collector can do. And you can silence them entirely simply by telling them to cease any contact with you about the debt.

Debt collectors cannot arrest you. They cannot take, or threaten to take, your money or possessions.

They cannot garnish your wages without first suing you in court, and that very rarely happens.

The bottom line is debt collectors are nothing fear. Nonetheless, you should NEVER speak to a collection agency on the phone. If they do get you on the phone, tell them to contact you through the mail and hang up.

Lastly, there is never a good reason to pay a collection agency. A paid collection on your credit file is just as bad as an unpaid one.

Expect all collection agencies to violate the law frequently and regularly. Knowing they cannot collect anything within the bounds of the law, they push the limits of the law to instill fear and force payments "voluntarily".

Don't be a victim. You can fight back and win.

Darell is a credit repair expert by neccessity and went from terrible and accurate credit to a mortgage in less than a year. Now he is trying to help others do the same. Visit his free website at

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