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How A Mortgage Calculator Can Save You Bundles Of Time
by Angel Estrella
A mortgage calculator is perhaps the most valuable tool for anyone shopping for a new home. The reason is because a mortgage calculator can provide a variety of different figures, including monthly payments, affordability and interest costs. A m

A mortgage calculator is perhaps the most valuable tool for anyone shopping for a new home. The reason is because a mortgage calculator can provide a variety of different figures, including monthly payments, affordability and interest costs. A mortgage calculator allows an individual to input his/her monthly income, monthly debt payments and returns an estimated amount on how much he/she can borrow for a mortgage loan. This number is only an estimate and cannot be used as a guarantee, but it certainly gives a prospective homeowner the knowledge to move forward with plans for home ownership.

Anyone who enjoys surfing the web can find a mortgage calculator available at almost every lending website, especially those that offer multiple lender queries. Some good examples are Lending Tree and eLoan, both of which offer a free mortgage calculator. In addition, local banks and lending institutions may offer a mortgage calculator via their website for added convenience. Most shoppers enjoy using this tool to help better equip them for shopping for an affordable home.

The benefits to using a mortgage calculator are many and will give a new homebuyer a realistic look at his/her financial situation, how much they can afford, and the cost of payments. Monthly payment calculations are another benefit of using a mortgage calculator. Based on the purchase price of a home, individuals can enter the length of their desired loan and the estimated interest rate. In return, the mortgage calculator will provide estimated monthly payment amounts based on the information provided. In addition, the total cost of the home including interest can be figured, along with various loan terms and amounts.

Without a mortgage calculator, many first time homebuyers may go into the process without the proper knowledge or how much they can actually afford. In todays market, an individuals debt must not exceed 50% of their total monthly income if they wish to get the best interest rates. If their debt to income ratio is higher than 50%, the borrower may be labeled as high risk and suffer higher interest rates or, in some cases, may be denied a loan altogether. An example would be an individual who earns $4,000.00 per month and wishes to purchase a home with monthly payments of $3,000.00. Because this number greatly exceeds 50% of the borrowers take-home pay, he/she may be forced to find a home that is more affordable. The 50% debt to income ratio includes mortgage, auto and credit card payments.

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