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Buying a Home after Bankruptcy - How to Buy a Home with a Low Credit Score
by Carrie Reeder
Following a bankruptcy, your credit score plummets. This makes it difficult to obtain credit on a home mortgage, vehicle loan, credit card, etc. If you are hoping to purchase a home after a bankruptcy, traditional lenders and mortgage companies wi

Following a bankruptcy, your credit score plummets. This makes it difficult to obtain credit on a home mortgage, vehicle loan, credit card, etc. If you are hoping to purchase a home after a bankruptcy, traditional lenders and mortgage companies will not propose the best terms. Moreover, these lenders may refuse to do business with you.

When searching for a mortgage lender, many people contact traditional lenders. However, these lenders primarily concentrate on conventional loans. To obtain a conventional loan you must have a credit score of at least 640. This score fluctuates according to lender. In some cases, lenders require a score of 660. Moreover, you must have a down payment. Standard down payments range from 3% to 20%.

Working with Sub Prime Mortgage Loan Lenders

If you do not fall into this category, you must obtain a mortgage loan from another source. Sub prime and high risks lenders offer loans to people with low credit scores. Low credit scores may be caused by bankruptcies, repossessions, bad credit, etc. Additionally, having excessive debt may also lower your credit score, making you a great candidate for a sub prime mortgage loan.

If purchasing a home after bankruptcy, it is suggested that you delay the process for at least 24 months. This allows time for you to boost your credit rating. This is not a requirement. You may buy a home as soon as your bankruptcy is discharged. Waiting is great for raising your credit score. While you may not qualify for a conventional loan, a credit score increase from 530 to 620 will improve your chances of receiving a reasonable mortgage rate from a sub prime lender.

Obtaining a Mortgage Loan from a Sub Prime Lender

Applying for a mortgage loan online is perfect for locating suitable and reputable sub prime lenders. You have the option of calling individual lenders, or requesting quotes from a mortgage broker. Working with a broker is recommended. Do not accept the first quote you receive. For the best rate, you have to research and obtain multiple quotes. Mortgage brokers will email you quotes from a choice of lenders. After you review the rate, services, and terms from at least three lenders, accept a sub prime loan with the best package.

Here are our Recommended Bad Credit Mortgage Companies Online.

Carrie Reeder is the owner of ABC Loan Guide, an informational website about various types of loans.

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