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Bankruptcy - Bankruptcy Myths
by Rick Munster
Bankruptcy has long been a big question mark in the eyes of the consumer. After all they donít teach us about bankruptcy in school. More often than not, a personís view of bankruptcy is largely developed by either their parents or close relatives

Bankruptcy has long been a big question mark in the eyes of the consumer. After all they donít teach us about bankruptcy in school. More often than not, a personís view of bankruptcy is largely developed by either their parents or close relatives personal views or dealings with bankruptcy, or a persons view is based on what they see as far as ads etc. regarding bankruptcy. Too often these ads are simply put together by bankruptcy attorneys that want your business. Bankruptcy is big business. With 1,597,462 personal bankruptcy filings being made during the calendar year in 2004 you can see that there is a lot of money to be made by bankruptcy attorneys. While not all bankruptcy attorneys are in it for the money it is apparent by the plethora of advertisements online or on TV that make claims such as youíll be on your way to good credit it no time, or claims that itís easy to file that there are bankruptcy attorneys with their own personal gains at the top of their mind.

Here is a list of myths or untrue statements that I have come across when researching bankruptcy that I wanted to share with you, the consumer.

All Debts are Erased When you File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection.

This is simply untrue. Donít believe anyone who says this to you. You will find out quickly that there are certain debts that canít be erased. These debts include and child support or alimony, student loans, or any fraudulent debt. Although some legal settlements may be removed itís not guaranteed.

Filing for Bankruptcy Protection Will Improve Your Credit Rating.

No it will not. This is used in several unscrupulous bankruptcy attorneysí advertisements. Be wary of anyone telling you this. The fact is bankruptcy is by far the worst and most damaging mark you credit report can receive. Other negative factors may stay on your credit report for 7 years; bankruptcy can be there for up to 10 years.

Bankruptcy is an Easy and Pain Free Process.

Some bankruptcy attorneys use this in their advertising as well. This is a statement that is false as it is not an easy choice for most consumers. Bankruptcy is one of the harder choices a consumer will make and the aftermath that may develop after a bankruptcy can create long lasting personal problems. Relationship problems, trouble getting a job that requires a clean credit history, or even dealing with the personal stigma attached to bankruptcy can make it difficult for a long time. If someone tells you this is an easy choice they are not looking to help you but rather to profit from your hardships.

While bankruptcy may be unavoidable for some individuals due to hardships that they may be experiencing, bankruptcy is not for everyone. Bankruptcy attorneys should try to find other solutions for you before recommending their own help. Review your options before making your decision, as this may have a long term impact and not provide the quick fix some look for when choosing bankruptcy protection.

Article written by Richard Munster

Rick Munster is the Media Planner for Debt Reduction Service, When he's not busy media planning he can be found writing, hiking or finding a nice lake to drop a line into.

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