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Airline Rewards Credit Cards: Choosing The Best Card
by Ed Vegliante -
If flying to exotic destinations or traveling across the country on your favorite airline is something you want to do, you can get free trips with an airline rewards credit card. Thats right, by selecting the right credit card you can quickly accum
If flying to exotic destinations or traveling across the country on your favorite airline is something you want to do, you can get free trips with an airline rewards credit card. Thats right, by selecting the right credit card you can quickly accumulate enough points to take that well deserved vacation to the Virgin Islands or hop on a plane to visit friends in Dallas, San Francisco, New York or just about any U.S. city. Airline rewards credit cards are all the rage. Are you on your way to accumulating valuable air miles?

Airline rewards credit cards continue to grow in popularity and for good reason. Depending on which card you select, you can accumulate enough points to take you and your family members on an expensive vacation with your airfare covered for free. So, how can you determine which card is best for you? By weighing the following options:

Fee v. No Annual Fee Some consumers hate paying annual fees and there are airline rewards credit cards that are fee free. Keep in mind that paying a fee may actually help you accumulate more airline miles at a faster pace. If you use your card a lot, the card with an annual fee may turn out to be the better buy. Besides, if you use your card for business purposes, your annual fee may be tax deductible.

Annual Percentage Rate As with all cards, rates do vary. If you never carry a monthly balance, than the annual percentage rate or APR wont matter to you. If you do carry balances, there are plenty of low interest rate airline rewards credit cards to choose from. Some offer low introductory rates while others will allow you to quickly accumulate points by transferring existing credit card balances to your new card.

One Airline v. Many Airlines Some consumers have an affinity toward one air carrier and a rewards card that accumulates points for that particular carrier can be just what they need. On the other hand, there are cards which allow you to accumulate air miles that can be used on just about any carrier. This can be the best choice for the consumer not wanting to be locked into one carrier. You might not be able to take that trip to the Virgin Islands if your airline rewards credit card is with a carrier that doesnt even fly to that destination!

Mileage Plans Read each offer carefully to learn if you can accumulate double miles, if your miles expire, and if blackout periods fall into play. Some airline rewards credit cards have sweeter deals than others; shop around for the plan that is best for you.

Preset Spending Limits Those cards that have no preset spending limits may be the best choice for you. In many cases you can also quickly accumulate points [even double points] by using your card to shop for groceries, purchase clothes, pay for gas for your car, and more. Use your card wisely and you may be able to accumulate enough points for a luxury trip once a year!

Bonus Benefits A select group of cards will give to you a free seat upgrade certificate which can be used on a future flight while other cards allow you to accumulate points toward hotel stays too. The more options your airline rewards credit cards has, the better for you!

If you are looking for an airline rewards credit card, youll find that many of the best offers are available online. Find the airline rewards card that is right for you and begin making plans to take that important trip you have long dreamed about on someone elses dime!

Copyright 2006 Ed Vegliante.

The site is not responsible for any content in it. E-mail: alldir[at]gmx[dot]com
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