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by Thomas Ohlum
When you are first starting out with a credit card, it is important to pay attention to credit card interest rates. If possible, you might consider applying for a 0 apr credit card. This means that for a period of time, you would pay 0% interest on y
When you are first starting out with a credit card, it is important to pay attention to credit card interest rates. If possible, you might consider applying for a 0 apr credit card. This means that for a period of time, you would pay 0% interest on your purchases and any balance transfers. If you are a small business owner, a trial period with a 0 apr credit card is a great way to cut down on expenses. A Capital One credit card for small business owners is a great card to start with.

Go to the Capital One website at to see the details of the small business card, Capital One Visa Business Platinum Card. You will find a list of the features particular to this card as well as a list of features standard to each Capital One credit card. While searching for the 0 apr credit card, you can also look up information for your other financial needs, such as money market accounts, personal or business loans, and additional information on credit card interest.


When you sign up for the Capital One Visa Business Platinum Card, you will qualify for these great features:

The Capital One credit card for small business comes with a six month trial period during which you receive free interest on all your purchases and balance transfers. If you wish to compile your other credit card debt together into one payment with low interest, this is a great feature. You can transfer your balances and work at paying them off for six months without accumulating any interest. Also, if you wish to make a big-ticket purchase, you might sign up for this 0 apr credit card so that you can pay out the purchase price of the item with no interest added on to the payments. This process is especially appealing to those people who do not qualify for financing at some retail locations.

If you have employees or business partners who will also be using the credit card, you can order additional cards for free. Each card will be identified on your monthly statement.

At the end of the year, you will receive a complimentary report from Capital One detailing your spending activities, your multiple card breakdowns, your credit card interest activity, and other account information. This is vital to your accurate record keeping and very helpful for tax purposes.

The Capital One Visa Business Platinum Card also allows you to earn airline miles when you use your card. If you travel a lot on business or even in your personal life, this is a great perk for you. With every dollar you spend with your Capital One credit card, you earn one mile that you can redeem with any airline of your choice.

The users of the small business card from Capital One are entitled to discounts at popular retailers, restaurants, and travel destinations that partner with the credit card company. When you purchase items for your office, such as supplies or equipment, when you rent cars or pay for hotel stays, or when you upgrade your computer system, you will automatically qualify for discounts on the regular retail price.

For these reasons and many more, one of the best 0 apr credit card offers around is the one from Capital One.

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