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Debt Stress, The Really Bad Side
by Jay Jackson
In all the information and discussion about credit card debt there is one thing that gets largely ignored. Stress. Credit card debt is extremely stressful and can have a very negative effect on your life if you let it. Its very diffic
In all the information and discussion about credit card debt there is one thing that gets largely ignored. Stress. Credit card debt is extremely stressful and can have a very negative effect on your life if you let it.

Its very difficult to not feel its effect but you can learn to deal with it more effectively. Stress is as bad as an addiction, always hanging around, bringing you down, making it hard to live your life the way you want to. If you can recognize it you can deal with it.

The Symptoms of Stress.
There are an awful lot of symptoms that can be caused by stress. Some of the most common ones are: headaches, not being able to sleep, feeling depressed and irritable, and being forgetful and unable to concentrate on what youre doing. If youre not sure whether your symptoms are related to stress or something else go and see a doctor.

Who Gets It?
Almost everyone who has debts is stressed about them. Debt is blamed for millions of days off work every year and is one of the leading causes of suicide. Students and graduates are especially vulnerable as debt is growing amongst them faster than in any other group.

The average adult owes many thousands in debt. Since thats the average it means that many people must owe much more. Never forget that youre not alone and theres always someone worse off than you.

How to Deal With It.
Stress caused by debts is often considered to be embarrassing or shameful. People with lots of debts dont want to talk about it, even with their family for fear of upsetting people or looking like a failure. It is very important, though, that you do talk about your problems. Keeping it all inside yourself will make you much more stressed. It is especially important that you talk to your partner. They are the number one person who can support you.

The best thing to do is to find two people: one who can advise you and one who can be a personal counselor. That means a professional who knows what theyre doing in financial matters, as well as a psychologist or psychiatrist. Dont let the stigma put you off, this is about your health.

Get on a solid plan to get out of debt and manage your finances. Figure out how you got that debt to begin with. Understand the problem and work out a budget. Cut unnecessary expenses and try to free up as much money as you can to pay back debts.

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