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How to Get Out Of Debt - Part 2 How to REVERSE Your Debts
by David Cross
I hope you read Part 1 which gives a basic introduction to manipulating your debt to your own advantage in order to clear it quickly.But you want different results from your life from now on, right?Well change starts from withi

I hope you read Part 1 which gives a basic introduction to manipulating your debt to your own advantage in order to clear it quickly.

But you want different results from your life from now on, right?

Well change starts from within. There is ONLY one way to change the results you get in life - you must change what produced those results.


Everything starts with a thought. The chair youre sitting on, the movie you last watched, the company you work for, (or the organisation that pays your benefits) - the thought comes first.

Your thoughts have created your world and will continue to do so.

If you cannot change your thoughts you will not change your behaviour. If you cannot change your behaviour you will not change the results you get from life. You will never lick the debt problem, let alone get wealthy.

If you want to get different results in life YOU must live your life differently. Change your behaviour - and that means change your thinking first!

This is not rocket science it is well-documented fact and youve probably already realised it, youve just maybe never done anything about it.

BUT you cannot learn everything you need to know to be successful in this life by working on a ‘trial and error basis.

It is essential to learn from other peoples successes - and their failures.

You will need to find out whats been holding you back all these years and why youve gotten into a mess in the first place!

You also will need to know how to apply fundamental and universal principles in your personal life that will guarantee that you start getting different results - the results you really wanted all along!

There is now a wealth of wisdom that is proven and accepted, indeed recognised and applauded by some of the greatest men of all time.

These practical insights reach from today, right back into the great American depression of the 1930s.

You probably dont need me to tell you that the challenges that we face today, the hurdles and the principles for success - theyre the same today as they have always been.

Yes there are 13 Essential Secrets for Success ... Practised by Lifes Great Achievers and Wealth Builders.

By learning and applying some essential ageless and universally recognised principles we can leap-frog our current capabilities.

Today you can benefit from the distilled wisdom of some profoundly successful people. Its a fact ... Henry Ford, Charles Schwabb and Thomas Eddison all practised the same 13 simple principles.

YOU too can enjoy real, unbridled success when you employ these same, easy principles. Principles that are daily delivering ordinary people from scratch to Riches … Converting their Ideas into money.

You can easily discover;

* Whats been holding you back in life - why you havent gotten the results you wanted!

* What it takes to generate True Wealth.

* What really works in business and in life and why.

* You can have all the ideas in the world - but how do you actually make things happen - turn them into money?

Learn to;

* Establish the starting point for ALL achievement.

* Turn lifes setbacks into stepping stones to success.

* Organise & apply knowledge, convert it into whatever you wish that is of use, without wasting time.

* Take a thought, translate that into an idea, then make organised plans to realise your dreams.

* Accumulate sufficient money to guarantee your financial independence.

* Having learned what to do and how to do it, acquire the needed stimulus to make a start!

There are genuine, practised and proven shortcuts to becoming debt-free and generating true wealth. With this knowledge you can access the successes and the failures, the common attributes and the principle methods that others have needed to succeed.

It will cost you very little indeed to acquire wisdom - wisdom that others fought for - painful lessons that cost them dearly.

Learn fast from the life experiences of men who actually accumulated riches in huge amounts. These are not privileged people. They are not geniuses, but ordinary people just like you and I. People who began in poverty, with little education and without influence.

If you want to know how to extend and marry these universal principles and lessons with state of the art business-building information - specialised knowledge that is today only really understood and implemented by a select few you guessed it, you just need to ask.

This really does give the ‘average man or woman - those who really need a helping hand - a chance to really turn things around once and for all.

Radically Increase Your Income Imagine if you could JUMPSTART one (and then several) additional streams of income by learning exactly where to go and what to do - in effect standing on the shoulders of giants right from your own home and in your spare time.

We live in the ‘information age and today we have a huge opportunity, the scale of which few people really understand. You and I can use the same principles that rocketed men into fame and wealth during the early 1900s (a time that held enormous and unbounded potential). Just like them, you and I also face a time that holds enormous and unbounded potential.

It is possible even fairly easy to combine the above with practical insights and little-understood business secrets from some of todays most successful entrepreneurs.

Now we can apply these timeless and well-proven principles to the age of the internet. Yes today you and I have an opportunity that makes the guys above look small-fry!

Imagine what would happen of there were certain shortcuts to being successful in life - and in business - that could propel you to success you just hadnt found them until now!

Imagine how your life would change if you could switch-on a stream of income that came in regardless of what you were doing. In other words, you did something that made you money - but then the money kept coming in whether you were ill, sleeping, working on something else (maybe a job) or even travelling the world.

Suppose that it were really very easy to do this - you just didnt know about it until now. Sounds too good to be true?

Today the internet is coming of age. There are more opportunities available than people to fill them.

Did you know;

* Online spending reached $95,700,000,000 in 2003! (That's 95.7 billion dollars!). A recent Forrester Research report showed that online spending was $95.7 billion in 2003 ... and it's projected to grow to $229 billion in 2008! That's a staggering 139% increase!

* Nearly 5 million NEW households will shop online in the next five years! Forrester Research also reports that nearly 5 million NEW households will shop online in the next five years ... and that the total number of U.S. online shopping households will reach 63 MILLION by 2008! That means that, by 2008, online retail sales will account for 10% of the total U.S. retail sales!

* Even a complete beginner can now build a web site in less than 48 hours... for LESS than $100! Five years ago, if you wanted a web site, you needed to either learn HTML (time-consuming) or hire a web designer to do it for you (expensive). Now, however, there are tons of FREE and low-cost tools and resources available that allow you to build a professional-looking web site by yourself, without ANY knowledge of HTML! If you can "point & click" your way through a program like Microsoft Word, you can build a web site and put it up on the Internet - in less than 48 hours!

* It's EASY to find lucrative business ideas and products to sell ... using FREE research tools! For the first time in history, it's EASY to know what products people are actively looking for... because there are FREE and low-cost research tools that compile all the figures and statistics for you! Plus, once you know exactly what people want, it's EASY to find products to sell to them because there are online tools that will help you do that, too!

* There are literally 1,000's of FREE and dirt-cheap sources of traffic for your web site! It's shocking, but true. There are literally thousands of "neglected" traffic streams -- groups of people who are LOOKING for web sites with particular products and information, but who can't find what they're looking for because nobody is talking to them!

You should know that effective marketing is the lifeblood of any business; a great idea will fail if it isnt marketed right; a poor idea can be a spectacular success if it is! The single best way to market ANY business is Direct Marketing 'speaking' direct to prospective customers and existing customers.

The single biggest opportunity for Direct Marketing ANY business today is using the internet. Its SO powerful, fast and efficient compared with traditional techniques that there is no comparison!

And yet ...

I talk to business owners every day who astound me with just how little they are actually doing about this spectacular opportunity!

Why are they doing so little about it? Simple - they just dont know where to start!

Try this test yourself ...

Ask anyone you know; what exactly are you doing that leverages business using the internet as an effective marketing tool?

I dont mean ‘putting up a website … that is like building a factory and then just sitting around waiting for someone to knock on your door to do business … it isnt going to happen … and thats just what most people are doing!

Ask them and see!

I dont care what your business is, or where. After twenty years managing and consulting to businesses of all kinds I know what works and what doesnt!

You can quickly have more genuine, in-demand, hands-on knowledge of how to boost any business in todays world … than 99% of the people around you!

Leverage Your Time & Efforts It has taken people literally thousands of man-hours to accumulate and communicate this information to your benefit.

It cost people millions of dollars and bucket-loads of blood, sweat and tears to acquire.

All this knowledge is available to you NOW.

Well, I said this Report would be short. Action is the proper fruit of knowledge, so over to you;

Tell me which area you want to know more about (fixing your debts, creating ongoing success or radically increasing your income or all three).

Tell me what, specifically you would like help with and I will do my best to deliver!

Let me know what interested you and what you want to know next.

Heres to your success!

David Cross

One last thing. I am pretty old fashioned in some ways. I believe we are put on this earth to help each other. I have to make a living, so there are constraints on my time and resources, but whatever I can do to help you I will.

Talk to me.

David P Cross is Principle of Debt Clearance Secrets.

A growing body of knowledge & tips to;

i) fix your debts,

ii) create ongoing success

iii) radically increase your income.

Want more? Visit and we will show you how to fix your debts.

If you like the Report, or hate it, let me know. I reply to all of my emails. I can be reached at

The site is not responsible for any content in it. E-mail: alldir[at]gmx[dot]com
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