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Debt Consolidation Plan: "Plan" Before You Leap!
by Marsha Claire
Too many debts to deal with? Has it become unmanageable? Different interest rates, different loan terms, different monthly instalment dates…too confusing??? Heres the solution youve been looking for ‘Debt Consolidation Plan. Debt conso

Too many debts to deal with? Has it become unmanageable? Different interest rates, different loan terms, different monthly instalment dates…too confusing??? Heres the solution youve been looking for ‘Debt Consolidation Plan. Debt consolidation loans, as you may be aware consolidate all debts incurred through personal loans, home improvement loans, credit card dues, overdrafts, or any number of unpaid bills that have built up over time. These loans allow you to consolidate all your loans into one - giving you one single easy to manage monthly payment, and in most cases, at a lower rate of interest. However, with the Debt Consolidation market so vast with innumerable loans available, it sure becomes difficult to zero down on any one. The preparation, approach and groundwork involved in getting a debt consolidation loan is called a Debt Consolidation Plan.

A perfect Debt Consolidation Plan assists you in getting and staying out of debt. Familiarizing yourself with debt consolidation and all the essential know-hows is the vital first step in your journey to manage your debt effortlessly. A Debt Consolidation Plan will not only help you avoid the many debt consolidation scams in the finance market but will surely help you in choosing the most appropriate debt consolidation loan for your state of affairs.

There are no standard Debt Consolidation Plans. Debt Consolidation Plans have to be altered in accordance with your requirement, your repaying ability, your credit history, the intensity of debt youre into, etc. Thus, every Debt Consolidation Plan has to be custom-made especially for you.

Points to consider for your Debt Consolidation Plan:
1. Assess your current financial position - expenses and savings. Make sure you know what you are getting into. If your funds cover up your expenses, your loan and debt instalments and if your situation is still manageable, there is no need to get further into debt. After all, a debt consolidation plan gets you set for taking another loan. You must consider whether debt consolidation is cost effective in the long term.

2. Cut back on your expenses:
The most important part of any Debt Consolidation Plan is to repay all outstanding debt while still conserving as much income as possible. If during repayment you are still involving undue expenses and moving further into debt, the entire Debt Consolidation Plan makes absolutely no sense.

3. Get as many quotes as possible:
Dont ever settle with the first company you contact. Shop around and get as many quotes as possible. Go with a company that has a good reputation. Choose the one that best suits your pocket considering monthly instalments, interest rates, etc.

4. Work out the calculations yourself:
Do the math yourself. Take the time to work through the expenses yourself and see how much you will be paying, how long it will take to pay off the loan, etc. Too many people keen to consolidate their debts, take the first opportunity available to them, unaware that there are lower rates and other options available.

5. Dont forget to consider your credit history:
Creditors create loan terms according to numerous factors including credit history. Your credit history tells your lender about your apparent ability to repay the debt consolidation loan. In addition to that, good credit helps reducing the interest rate on your loan. At the same time if you have bad credit but also have collateral of high value to offer, you are still at power with someone who has good credit.

Whatever decisions you take regarding the Debt Consolidation Plan, do it along with your lender. Take equal responsibility and play an important role in it. Dont put the ball in your creditors court because at the end of the day he too wants to make his money. Always read the fine print, understand all terms and conditions before committing yourself to any debt consolidation loan. Look before you leap - In anything you do always remember, planning is more important than action!

Marsha Claire is offering loan advice for quite some time. To find Loans UK, secured loans, debt consolidation Plan, unsecured loans please visit

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