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Can I Save Money Paying off Credit Card Debt with a Second Mortgage?
by Mary Stasiewicz
Unfortunately there is no simple answer to this question. The answer could be yes or it could be no depending on a number of factors. In general credit card debt carries a significantly higher interest rate than the average second mortgage but whe

Unfortunately there is no simple answer to this question. The answer could be yes or it could be no depending on a number of factors. In general credit card debt carries a significantly higher interest rate than the average second mortgage but whether or not you are actually saving money by consolidating the credit card debt will depend on the amount of credit card debt as well as the terms of the second mortgage and the refinancing costs.

The most prominent advantage to paying off credit card debt with a second mortgage is a reduced interest rate. Most credit cards have interest rates which are significantly higher than the interest rates offered on mortgages. The compounding interest associated with credit card debt where debtors wind up paying interest on the original debt plus additional interest can be very costly. Conversely a simple interest second mortgage does not have this same effect. Homeowners enjoy lower monthly payments with lower interest rates and these lower payments enable the homeowner to save more money each month.

The other advantage is tax deductibility. The interest paid on a home loan is often tax deductible but homeowners should consult a tax expert to ensure the interest on their second mortgage used to repay credit card debt would be deductible. If homeowners are able to deduct this interest, it can result in an overall savings for the homeowner. Homeowners who are not able to deduct this interest still enjoy the savings associated with the lower fixed mortgage rate or adjustable rate mortgage they choose.

The first thing to remember when deciding whether or not to consolidate credit card debt under the umbrella of a home equity loan or second mortgage is the refinancing costs involved. There are often a number of fees involved in refinancing a home including closing costs, loan origination fees and application fees. All of the fees involved should be examined closely and these fees should be compared to the amount the homeowner would save in interest by refinancing their home to pay off their credit card debt. If the savings is higher than the cost of refinancing paying off the credit card debt will result in a savings. If the savings is not greater than the associated closing costs refinancing would not result in an overall savings.

Mary is an acclaimed free-lance writer who created many useful mortgage related articles. You can read more mortgage related loan articles at Nationwide Second Mortgage & Refinancing. To get more equity loan advice & home equity finance tips, please visit the specialists for Second Mortgages and debt consolidation loans.

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