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Debt and Bill Consolidation - When Should You Consolidate Debt?
by Carrie Reeder
Debt and bill consolidation can be the right solution for your financial situation, depending on how you time it. Choose the wrong time in your life to consolidate debt, and you could make matters worse for yourself. When should you consolidate de

Debt and bill consolidation can be the right solution for your financial situation, depending on how you time it. Choose the wrong time in your life to consolidate debt, and you could make matters worse for yourself. When should you consolidate debt? If you feel as though youre overwhelmed by debt, or close to it, you may want to give debt and bill consolidation some thought.

Timing Can Be Everything

Debt and bill consolidation is a solution that can work, but only if youre ready for it. Thats why timing matters. You will be making a serious commitment, perhaps even taking out a loan to consolidate, using your home as collateral. You should consolidate debt when you are ready to take control of your financial life.

Debt and bill consolidation generally occurs in two fashions. One method is to use a debt consolidation program that, for a fee, will help you to negotiate with your creditors to obtain a reduction of your interest rate. This will reduce your overall debt, and allow your monthly payments to be applied primarily to the principle of the debt, rather than being devoured by high interest rates.

The second common means of debt and bill consolidation follows a similar path, negotiating down the interest rates, but also includes a loan to pay off creditors. You then will be responsible for making a monthly payment to the lender. Often, the loan is secured by using your house as collateral. That means if you default on your payment obligation, the lender could sell your house to obtain his money.

Therefore, it is wise to really reflect upon your life, financial and otherwise, before consolidating debt. You want to be sure that you are ready to take control and will be able to stick to a monthly payment schedule, because creditors will be less likely to take part in the process again if you fail to meet you obligations this time. If youve put up your house as collateral, you could lose it.

Another aspect of timing can be important. If you have several smaller debts at lower interest rates, you may want to pay off some of these before beginning the process of debt and bill consolidation, especially if you plan to take out a loan to consolidate. Thats because if those debts are low interest, the interest may be lower than that of the loan, meaning youll pay more for those debts in the end. Another reason to pay off any small debts that you can prior to a consolidation loan is that a smaller loan is a better loan.

Debt and bill consolidation can offer an excellent means of simplifying your debt situation and helping you to clear it up faster than you would have without it. However, for it to be as effective of an aid as it can be, you must be sure that the time is right, that you are ready to bring your finances under control.

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Carrie Reeder is the owner of ABC Loan Guide, an informational website about various types of loans.

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