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by Terje Ellingsen
Do you have credit card debt? Are you struggling with debt from several credit cards like Mastercard, Visa and others? Have you ever crossed your mind to consolidate credit card debt? It is very easy to jump on the debt carousel and when you fir

Do you have credit card debt? Are you struggling with debt from several credit cards like Mastercard, Visa and others? Have you ever crossed your mind to consolidate credit card debt? It is very easy to jump on the debt carousel and when you first get on it is difficult to jump off. Where does it end? Did you know that more than a million Americans are filing for bankruptcy every year because of credit card debt? These people should have jumped off the debt carousel when they were able to do it - they should have started to eliminate credit card debt.

Why do so many people end up in debt?

The answer is really simple: because they are spending more money than they earn. It starts with running to the department store and buying things desired as well as really needed. With no problems so far, they do well until their next paycheck comes. It's a little more crunchy however, because some of your fashion clothes you bought last month were purchased with your credit card, so you have to make a payment, in addition to all the other bills. The next month the paycheck comes but this time you need to use the grace period. And so it continues from month to month which means it just goes downhill from there.

The next step should be a credit card debt consolidation

Soon you are in big debt and as things you want to buy come up in or you want to plan for the future, you can not because of your overspending in the past. Suddenly you start to realize that you have several credit card bills or other bills you can never pay off like power, phone bills etc. Now is the time to consider debt consolidation. This is a really good way to take all those bills and turn them into one payment. Normally this payment is lower than if you paid all of them separately like you're trying to do now. When you get out of debt and start saving money, you are more liberated to plan for things now and for your future.

To consolidate debt entails

finding an debt consolidation company

the debt company pays off your debt to your creditors

you make monthly payments to the consolidation company each month

of course you still have to pay interest and for this reason it is smart to

pay as much as you can and more than the monthly minimum per month

How will a consolidation program benefit me?

It's no big deal to start up. When you get your debt consolidation you'll feel relieved.

you know what you have to pay each month

you only make one payment per month

you have one lump monthly payment and it's lower than all your previous payments combined.

Isn't this much easier than before?

To be able to follow a debt consolidation program like this, you need to have full support from your family or the people you live together with. You must make them realize that there have to be some temporary cutbacks such as purchasing furniture and other home improvement items, eating out often or going out to bars and clubs but after a while this will be the best choice.

If you keep to your debt consolidation plan, you will see that this is really helpful. You can not go out and apply for a credit card the next day as soon as you have consolidated. This is just a slight reprieve giving you more stability and breathing room for planning your financial future.

Terje Brooks Ellingsen is a writer and internet publisher. He runs the website Terje gives advice and helps people with personal financial issues like how to eliminate credit card debt and applying for Visa and other credit cards online.

The site is not responsible for any content in it. E-mail: alldir[at]gmx[dot]com
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