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Is A Debt Consolidation Refinance Good?
by Tim Gorman
If youre living from paycheck to paycheck rest assured youre not alone. Many folks barely make ends meet on a week to week basis. Sadly many people cant even remember where they spend their money. They only thing they know is that its al

If youre living from paycheck to paycheck rest assured youre not alone. Many folks barely make ends meet on a week to week basis. Sadly many people cant even remember where they spend their money. They only thing they know is that its all spent before their next paycheck. This lack of financial wisdom is causing many consumers to file for bankruptcy as a means of relieving themselves from their high debt and financial obligations. What many folks dont know is that this method of erasing your debts also destroys your credit rating and any hope for having a good financial status. Instead there may be another alternative A debt consolidation refinance may be just what the doctor ordered to fix your current financial disarray.

The main reason anyone would and should consider utilizing a debt consolidation refinance is because it usually can help eliminate the harassing phone calls from your creditors and the debt collectors they employ. Its also designed to consolidate all of your bills into one monthly payment that is slightly lower then what you previously paid in order to help alleviate some of your financially induced stress. Another benefit is the ability for a debt consolidation refinance to keep you from filing bankruptcy allowing you to stay recognized as a credit worthy consumer.

So when should you consider seeking out a debt consolidation loan or refinance? Typically, you should consider a debt relief loan as soon as your monthly bills become difficult or near impossible to pay. This early intervention through the use of a debt refinance loan will prevent you from having to pay outrageous interest rates, late payment fees and charges which will only complicate your already shaky financial status. Another good indicator of when to seek out a debt relief loan is when you only make the minimum payment amount due every month and when all of your credit balances continue to remain the same even after your monthly payments.

Homeowners have a big advantage over non-homeowners because they have the option of applying for a debt refinance using the equity in their home or house. Using this method requires the discipline to pay off your consolidate bills monthly and to avoid incurring any new bills. Dont use your home as collateral unless you intend to make the payments on your new debt consolidation loan.

Always make sure to do your research online in order to find a reputable debt refinance and Consolidation Company. Many of these companies appear to be the real deal on the outside but in all actuality may only really be a loan shark in disguise. These establishments need to be avoided at all costs as they will place you under strict monthly payment terms and charge a much higher rate when compared to a real lender. One of the better debt refinance companies include several non-profit lenders who will be able to give you the best options when it comes to refinancing your current debt.

As you can see proper research will allow you to find a good debt refinance company which has the potential to help lower your current monthly payment total, keep you from filing bankruptcy, prevent you from paying higher interest rates and allow you to maintain your credit worthiness ranking.

Timothy Gorman is a successful Webmaster and publisher of He provides more debt relief solutions, bankruptcy tips and information on choosing a debt consolidation company that you can research in your pajamas on his website.

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