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by Jennifer Bailey
The safety of the family largely depends upon attention to debts. It has been said that 89% of all divorces are caused by financial issues.It is not the money that brings all the worries and tensions, but rather the lack of control of spend

The safety of the family largely depends upon attention to debts. It has been said that 89% of all divorces are caused by financial issues.

It is not the money that brings all the worries and tensions, but rather the lack of control of spending that leads to sleepless nights for many people. Compounding interest on the debts is the major enemy that robs people of their money. Becoming debt free is very important for ones peaceful life.

One has to distinguish between their needs and wants. For instance, if a person goes for borrowing funds for purchasing furniture or a car rather than saving the money, he is slowly going further into debt. If he does not have the need for immediate gratification, he can save the money and once he got the savings of required amount, he can purchase them without having any tension of debt. Once one has identified the internal causes for the debt, they can make a plan to conquer it. This plan must include a budget and goals to reduce unnecessary spending.

Some authors have suggested some steps to achieve debt control. The first step is listing out all the debts in order, starting with the largest balance first, then prioritizing the payments. If someone has one or two small balances, he or she may pay them off while continuing to pay the minimums on the cards with larger balances or the debt holder can pay off the card with the highest interest rate first. If the person has paid off the smaller balances, then double the minimum monthly payment to save interest charges.

The next important step is eliminating credit cards and avoiding rolling of balances from card to card which is a tempting way to make the cardholder in doing something that will increase the credit burden. Next, get a copy of the credit report and credit score and study them carefully to verify any errors in the copy. The credit report and the credit score are the measures of the persons bill-paying history and his creditworthiness.

Afterwards it is the time to make a spending plan and changing free-spending ways. It can be done through personal finance software such as Microsoft Money and Quicken that help in making comparisons between actual spending and budgeted spending. This software suggests usage of debit cards rather than credit cards. Another major consideration is becoming cautious about the equity of one's home. Overspending becomes a habit for many people, and they may need help from credit counselors.

The method for the elimination of debts is simple. First of all, the person has to set the monthly amount and has to pay all the minimum debt amounts. If any extra money is there, that amount is to be utilized towards the payment of the debts with higher interest rates. This method will ensure payment of the least amount of interest and also repayment of debts as soon as possible.

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