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Is Independence Overrated?
by David D. Wells
Happy Independence Day from The Money Motivator!If you don't celebrate "The 4th of July" like we do in the United States, today still presents you with an awesome opportunity to examine your independence.Independence means the qualit

Happy Independence Day from The Money Motivator!

If you don't celebrate "The 4th of July" like we do in the United States, today still presents you with an awesome opportunity to examine your independence.

Independence means the quality or state of being dependent. The word dependent means not subject to control by others, according to Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary.

A full 95% of the world will NEVER know what it feels like to have true independence. True independence involves being free from debt, which is a form of control. I have seen debt destroy far too many relationships, including mine. It was not until I decided to stop the cycle of debt that I was able to begin to enjoy life.

Today can mark your first step in gaining true independence. You must complete one simple action. The first step is simple, yet it can be so powerful that it can set off a firestorm of ideas to end your finance problems.

What is the first step? It is simply to DECIDE to eliminate debt wherever possible. For now do not concern yourself with how this will happen, just make the decision and in due time you will find the solutions.

Today just decide to eliminate debt and then go out and have fun. In later articles I will reveal techniques and strategies to help you blast off on your way to total financial freedom.

I also invite you to send me emails on creative ways that you may have to eliminated debt, so that I may share them with other readers, giving you full credit. My email address is

Visit to read my true story on how I began to eliminate debt. It is my hope that my story can inspire you to start to believe that you can change your circumstances in an instant. Also in my story is a technique I used to save money.

To answer the question posed by the title of ths article, is independence overrated? No, it is underrated and that is why so many people are in debt, and therefore dependent on creditors.

Much More Success,
David D. Wells

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Often referred to as The Money Motivator, David Wells is passionate about helping you Crack The Wealth Code to become a money magnet. Let him teach you the techniques Hillary Clinton used to turn $1,000 into $100,000 in the course of a year.

For more information visit his website at and sign up for his free newsletter, Money Moments.

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