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How Debt Counseling Can Benefit You
by Sherrie Le Masurier
If you’re under the burden of debt all is not lost. With some debt counseling you’ll find light at the end of the tunnel.The Internet is a great place to do some research about debt counseling and how such services can benefit you.As

If you’re under the burden of debt all is not lost. With some debt counseling you’ll find light at the end of the tunnel.

The Internet is a great place to do some research about debt counseling and how such services can benefit you.

As a consumer who is struggling with debt it’s important that you educate yourself about debt counseling before you seek out the assistance of a particular service or company.

Understanding how debt counseling works is in your best interest as it gives you information about which type of questions you’ll want answers to before committing to counseling and/or a debt management program.

Debt counseling services were initially created by credit card companies in an effort to get a portion of the money owed to them back before their client declared bankruptcy and they were left without a dime.

Following are some questions you may wish to ask before getting involved with such a service:

What is the cost?

Will the service be notifying credit agencies re: your enrolment with them?

What kinds of programs do they offer?

Are there any particular benefits to using their service over another?

Do they have a professional affiliation?

If a debt counseling service claims to offer quick solutions or says they will ‘fix’ your credit report be wary. It will take time for your debt to be retired. Counseling is not an overnight solution.

Most services will help you with many different kinds of unsecured debt from credit cards and personal loans to medical and utility bills.

Whether you’ve been working away at your debt or have ceased payment altogether debt counseling can help. Most counseling programs are designed for people who have fallen behind in payment or have had to stop payments due to illness, job loss, or for whatever reason that has forced non-payment.

Many people wonder if they can still use their credit cards if they’re seeking debt counseling. It all depends on the situation. However, if a card is being consolidated the account would have to be closed in order for creditor negotiation to happen.

Most debt counseling services work with Visa, MasterCard and American Express as well as many smaller creditors in an effort to assist you in regaining your financial freedom.

Some debt counseling companies go above and beyond from a service standpoint and not only help people get out of their current debt situation but try to help them and their financial future by sending out a newsletter and offering workshops and seminars.

Doing your homework before signing up with a debt counseling service helps to ensure that the company you select to help you get out of debt and/or manage you credit will be right for you.

Sherrie Le Masurier is a freelance writer who believes in being a wise consumer and living within her means. Her blog features information on how to get out of debt, debt reduction strategies, credit card debt reduction, debt consolidation, debt management tips and general debt reduction help.

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