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by Cynthia Crown
There are many ways to reduce debts and some of the options by which you can reduce debts are1. Deceasing the expenditure 2. increasing the revenue streams 3. paying back the debts which are overdue instantly 4. making use of

There are many ways to reduce debts and some of the options by which you can reduce debts are

1. Deceasing the expenditure
2. increasing the revenue streams
3. paying back the debts which are overdue instantly
4. making use of a debt settlement agency

It's important that you budget the expenses corresponding with your income or revenue. If you spend more than you earn, then you need to take debts to cover up your expenses. F you earn more than you spend, then you have savings. It's very difficult to increase revenue or income, therefore to reduce debts you must reduce your expenditure also. Budget for the necessary and the emergency expenditure that you may have. Prioritize the list of expenditure. If something can be delayed till the next month, then do so. in this way, you wouldn't need to take short-term loans such as payday loans to cover the shortfall.

It's difficult to increase the revenue streams but it can be done. This can mean that you take up a night job in addition to the day job or switch over to another job that pays well. Or somebody in the family may have to take up an additional job. In this way you can quickly repay your debts and thus reduce the loans.

Pay back overdue debts immediately. Don't be laid back on paying back the debts such as mortgage loan charges, car loans charges etc., as they might take away the financial asset and you might also lose the collateral. Therefore you lose on both counts.

Debt settlement agencies help to reduce the debt amount. They can reduce the loan amounts, the interest charges as well as debt / loan tenures. Thereby there is a less outgo of your financial assets. They can reduce the debt amount to 75%, however this is dependent on an individual case basis.

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