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Student Loan Debt Solutions
by Max Bellamy
The figures for students opting for loans are only going higher as each year passes by. Not only that; with the escalation in the cost of tuitions, the amount borrowed is also at an all-time high. But despite that, the list of student defaulters i

The figures for students opting for loans are only going higher as each year passes by. Not only that; with the escalation in the cost of tuitions, the amount borrowed is also at an all-time high. But despite that, the list of student defaulters is low. This is due to the fact that today there are many solutions for student indebtedness and students are better-informed of how to implement these solutions.

The wisest solution is that of loan consolidation. A student can bundle up all the federal loans that may have been borrowed during the educational period into a single loan, with a single rate of interest. When a student consolidates loans, then the rate of interest locks in at the current rate and hence, the student does not have to suffer the rising rate in the future. Consolidation also saves the student from having to deal with more than one creditor.

Consolidation is a seemingly viable option, but the student must do some research to find out whether it would really help. Sometimes with consolidated loans, the interest reductions are not much and the student must think whether it is worth making the effort to get the loans consolidated. The Student Assistance Act of 1965 has facilitated students with huge loans to extend their tenures of repayment up to as many as 30 years. But though this gives an ease of repayment to the student, it will pile up a tremendous interest for such a long tenure.

The best option seems to be debt forgiveness. There are several socially benefiting organizations that the student can work with to get the loans forgiven. Students may work as doctors, nurses, teachers, or may join the armed forces or work in voluntary institutions such as the AmeriCorps or PeaceCorps to get their loans forgiven. The amount of loan forgiven depends on the period of service the student provides. However, the catch here is that the student must think whether working for a higher paying institution may help to get the loan repaid faster.

There is also an option of rehabilitating loans. After 12 monthly payments to the lender, the student may request the lender to sell the loan off to someone else. Once this is agreed upon, the student has 9 years to repay the loan. Filing for bankruptcy is a possible, though very difficult, process. To be declared bankrupt, a court must be ascertained that the student will not have even a minimal standard of living for a major chunk of the repayment period, were the loan to be repaid.

Student loans cannot be completely eliminated. Hence, students must try to repay them as soon as possible. It helps to take up a job immediately after graduation. There are students who are still unemployed when the grace period is coming to an end. This is a catastrophic situation. In fact, lenders provide discounts to students who manage to repay their loans on time.

Students must learn debt management techniques. Becoming aware of the sticky situation they are in often helps to solve the situation.

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