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Relocate - How, When I'm In Debt?
by Michael Russell
Many people ask me how I can go on... What makes me want to keep going... I guess it's my childhood faith This is just one part of my story!How can I relocate??As you may know I'm from Sweden, mother of 2 children, I live with t

Many people ask me how I can go on... What makes me want to keep going... I guess it's my childhood faith This is just one part of my story!

How can I relocate??

As you may know I'm from Sweden, mother of 2 children, I live with the father of my youngest. My son (he is 8 years old) has been through a living hell the past year. He's been abused by older children, beaten, bullied and so on... Because of this we have been trying to relocate to another area. But as I'm heavily in debt it seems to be a mission impossible. It doesn't matter that my spouse has no debts, landlords are blind because of mine.

We have tried just about anything to get another apartment, even going as far as asking the government and social welfare for aid, but have been turned down. We have shown interest in at least 250 apartments in the past 6 months, that means everything that has been on the market, but we have been turned away. We have even tried to separate, but because of my debts again, not even my spouse has been able to get an apartment alone.

The worst thing in all this, is that my son's health is being affected. Affected by the fact that he can't go outdoors. He's been held under involuntary house arrest for more then 7 months, poor darling. In another country, someone would have helped to put an end to this, but not here in Sweden, where you don't count if you have debts. Not even if a child suffers will you get help. It doesn't even matter if you've never been late paying your rent.

My son is frustrated and he's taking it out on us all, especially on his 2 year old little sister. It has put a strain on all of us and we are all being affected by this. My son is never happy anymore. But still, as long as this has been going on, no one has lifted a finger to even try to help.

It's a shame on the so called social welfare system, that they don't protect those who are in need. According to Swedish law it is a crime. A crime towards those who need that aid, especially children in need. But that is a law seldom followed by the government.

As I never will be able to pay off my debts, our struggle is hopeless, we will never be able to leave and my son will have to suffer until he grows up and can move away on his own. The only way to be free is to pay off the debts, and I am doing that every month, but with the interest rate ticking that is another mission impossible. All I have for an income is a very small sick - pension.

Being a mother of 2 and not being able to protect my oldest child from harm and keeping him safe is hard on me. I keep wondering for how long I will cope, how long can I go on trying, fighting the battle to be able to relocate to a safer place.

I am scared about so much when it comes to my son, scared that in the end he will hurt himself and/or his little sister. I am trying so hard but nobody gives a bit of consideration to the fact that an 8 year old is in danger, abused and beaten by a 16 year old and his friends.

All that counts is money, and freedom from debts.

Then why is it so hard? Well, it seems as my partner's freedom from debts doesn't count at all, and it doesn't count that the rent here has been paid in full and on time for 8 years either.

It's the landlords' market here in Sweden... so few apartments and so many in need, that they can choose who they want, one with debts will always end up at the bottom of the list, being the last one they will pick.

So I blame it on the market you might think?..... Well in a way, yes I do.... and also part of it on society, as it's a shame to be in debt and poor in this country. Fact is, you can never get free from your debts either, it's a lifetime sentence. Once you have got them, you'll never be free because you keep on paying for the interest only. Nothing goes back to the original amount and you end up deeper and deeper in debt.

And nobody cares if you got yourself in debt due to things out of your control. You must always blame yourself you see.

So if you ever live in Sweden and are in need of relocation...make sure you don't get into debt or even have an unpaid bill...because nobody will help you if you do.

I know, I'm living proof of it.

You see, I once was married, was abused, got divorced and became ill, that's how I got my debts.... so I have to blame myself for not being able to protect my child today.... blame myself for not being able to relocate.

Michael Russell
Your Independent guide to Relocation

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