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Breaking the Debt Barrier
by David Neagle
Debt! If there ever was a powerful enemy it has to be debt. The psychological power that debt has on people is absolutely amazing. Some statistics show that more than fifty percent of all divorces began with financial problems in the marriage.

Debt! If there ever was a powerful enemy it has to be debt. The psychological power that debt has on people is absolutely amazing. Some statistics show that more than fifty percent of all divorces began with financial problems in the marriage.

Today more than any other time in history it has become extremely easy to accumulate thousands of dollars in debt in a very short period of time. Credit card companies will give just about anyone credit without even checking to see if they have the capability of paying the borrowed money back.

Volatility in business is also at an all time high so a person can be earning a very comfortable living one day and be out of work the next. It is no wonder that over one hundred million people in North America alone have financial problems.

The focus of my business is teaching people how to follow their passion, create businesses and earn millions of dollars. In fact I can show anyone how to double their income in twelve months or less so when I found out just how many people had significant debt problems I was shocked to say the least.

However I do recall the financial difficulties I have experienced during my life and how I managed to turn those problems around in a very short period of time. After many people began to send me letters, e-mails and phone calls asking me if I had any programs or seminars to help get out of debt it I decided to create a program that could help anyone with their personal debt.

I realized that the way I handled my own debt was very different from the way most people are taught. Different individuals from all around the world were sharing their ideas on how they were taught to handle debt and what I learned was astounding.

Almost every program out there that deals with how a person manages their own money every month and how they pay bills and debt are keeping them broke and very unhappy.

Debt has a way of making people very miserable. It strikes fear in the heart of people, makes them stressed out, depressed and sick. It has a tremendous effect on relationships and the quality of life for many families. I don’t believe that we are supposed to live that way at all. I believe that people should do what they love with people they love and have enough money to live the way they truly want to live.

We should not be a slave to our bills or our debt. It is a barrier to living a healthy wealthy life. It blocks the good we all desire.

I have created a very simple program that will allow any one to free up money instantly and learn how to not be afraid of money and debt but become empowered and in control of their money. “Breaking the Barrier” will teach you how be in control of your life once and for all.

David Neagle "The Millionaire Mentor" has helped thousands of people worldwide to achieve astounding success and he can help you too. He is an accomplished speaker, author and seminar teacher.

Learn more about David at

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