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Youths – Here are Two Top Secrets to Avoid Getting into Debt
by David Brown
Do you know of anybody who owes money either on credit or with a credit card?If you do are these persons financially secure for their future?Are they able to make their agreed payments per month?Are they happy?If you ha

Do you know of anybody who owes money either on credit or with a credit card?

If you do are these persons financially secure for their future?

Are they able to make their agreed payments per month?

Are they happy?

If you have experience with the above then I am sure you don’t want to go down the same route!

I am going to share two top secrets with you my friend that will avoid any pitfalls with debt. They are basic and are used by top multi millionaires in the world today! Worth knowing…right!!

The first secret is this;

“Save yourself first”- “Save yourself first.”

This means using the money we have in a way that will save us from all those nagging monthly repayments, getting letters, and phone calls when the payments are not met.

Also to “save yourself first” means we invest wisely the money we already have.

How can this be done?

First, open up a savings account and avoid spending on impulse.

Next, seek professional advice from experts. For example a financial or wealth building coach or mentor will assist you on top financial decisions in your life.

Research how much money will be saved over a five, ten, twenty year period if credit is not used.

Read books by millionaires because they have a positive financial mindset, this is helpful to learn!

Attend a course which will assist to build positive financial habits.

Avoid the snare of a credit card which is very unlikely to be paid of completely.

Remember, when credit is used we pay back interest on top which could be used to invest into our future.

When we “save ourselves first” we stay completely in control of our life and financial future!

The second top secret is;

Set financial goals and visions.

Do we have financial goals or visions to guide us to wealth not into debt?

Set 20, 10, 5 year goals.

Ask, “Where do I want to be financially in 20, 10, 5 years time”

Do we know how to set these vitally important goals or visions?

Again, consult a wealth building coach or mentor.

Read books which include how to set financial goals.

Attend course of these ones who have positive financial habits and mindsets.

If our answer is to be wealthy or financially free then if we are in debt it will take a lot longer!

One bonus secret for you today my friend;

Take action! Now ….Apply the above secrets into your life now today!

“Save yourself first”

“Set financial goals and visions” – Look ahead….. Not what we have now!

Please stay out of debt, even if the pressure is there to use it.

“Save yourself first and you will experience financial success and wealth in the future”

“With every result there is an opportunity to succeed”

Dave and Paula are financial guides who are always ready to assist you! To get the help you need visit the Wealth Building Strategies web site today.

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