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Can Refinancing Your Mortgage Really Make You More Money?
by Ryan Atkinson
Refinancing your mortgage leads to freeing up cash or making money available for other purposes. A new mortgage leads to investment options that were not previously available to you. Refinancing to pull money out makes sense as long as you make a

Refinancing your mortgage leads to freeing up cash or making money available for other purposes. A new mortgage leads to investment options that were not previously available to you. Refinancing to pull money out makes sense as long as you make a commitment to use the funds to generate income or make an investment that will result in an increase in your assets and personal net worth. In the US, in most instances, mortgage interest is tax deductible. In Canada, interest paid on your home mortgage debt is not generally deductible; however it can be depending on the purpose for which you took out the loan.

Refinancing your mortgage leads to opportunities regardless of whether you are forced to raise cash or if it will save you money. If you have a floating interest rate and you are worried that rates are going to go up beyond your ability to pay, you may want to lock in your rate. The variable rate of the floating interest rate may have you not sleeping at night worrying about your finances.

The certainty of a fixed rate mortgage leads to an increased sense of ease for many homeowners. Consider this option if you will be staying in the property for a number of years. Sometimes jumping from one variable rate loan to another makes sense too. Each financial institution packages their services differently. Be diligent in your research to find the best one for your financial needs and money management style.

Refinance home mortgage loans by reviewing your requirements. Do you want to increase the amount of your mortgage to consolidate debts with a new or second mortgage? Have you seen ads that say, "Refinance Home Mortgage Loans" and offer options that suit you better than the features of your current lender. It's always good to shop around to make sure you have what suits you, and your money management style, best.

It may seem like common sense to refinance home mortgage loans to reduce your interest rate and free up cash but most people don't keep up to date on the interest rate and don't understand the point at which it makes sense to refinance. The great thing is, you don't have to know how to figure this out. Your lender will quickly be able to let you know if this is a viable option. Rates may have dropped since you took out your mortgage. Your financial situation may have changed and you should take all of those things into consideration for effect money management.

Refinance home mortgage loans to free up cash and raise capital for other investments. Be cautious about listening to lenders who oversimplify their calculations when telling you how soon your refinancing costs will be recovered. You need to take into account other costs related to changing lenders. Costs you may incur when changing lenders are: Appraisals, Application Fees, Title Insurance and more.

Ask your financial advisor or accountant about refinance home mortgage loans to make sure the one you chose gives you the best options for your situation. A little money spent now, on money management advice, can save you a lot of money later.

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About the Author; Ryan Atkinson is the founder of Helping others understand the fundamentals of managing money. Click here to learn more about Mortgage Refinancing, Reverse Mortgages & Home Equity Loans.

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