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Home Loans - Read About the Different Homeowner Loans Available in the UK
by Phil Drew
Home loans are available to homeowners from our market leading lenders to use for home improvements, a holiday, their childrens education or to pay off outstanding debts. What you use it for is up to you. Home loans are secured on your home which

Home loans are available to homeowners from our market leading lenders to use for home improvements, a holiday, their childrens education or to pay off outstanding debts. What you use it for is up to you. Home loans are secured on your home which means that your home is used as collateral or insurance against the loan. This is a lower risk to the lender because their investment is covered but it is greater risk to you because if you do not keep up with repayments of the loan you could lose your home through repossession. Because of the lessened risk to the lender, youll find that home loans are cheaper than unsecured loans.

Home loans range from small to large amounts and differ greatly depending on repayment terms and periods. These can also vary from one lender to another so its a good idea to compare their products before you choose which type of loan you want. The amount you borrow is subject to a fee or interest charge and the amount applied is called the APR or Annual Percentage Rate. When you compare APRs from different companies youll get a good idea of which are the most competitive. Youll also notice that APRs are lower if you shop and apply online as apposed to applying by telephone or mail. This is because overheads for online companies are lower and this saving is passed on to you. So to get the best deal it makes sense to take a look at a competitive comparison of the top lenders that way youre assured of getting a choice of top products. To do this, just fill out the simple online form below.

It is also important when considering home loans that you are familiar with the different ways in which lending companies quote interest rates. When a fixed interest rate is applied, your monthly repayments will remain the same for the entire term of the loan, no matter what happens to the bank base rate. With a variable rate on the other hand, your monthly repayments could go up and down throughout the term of the loan as the bank base rate fluctuates and this would make budgeting rather difficult. You will also notice that with home loans, loan companies refer to very competitive typical interest rates. This is purely an indication rate for their company and the exact APR youre offered will depend on the amount you wish to borrow, the length of time youll take to pay the loan back and a personal assessment of your financial circumstances by the lending company.

Looking at APRs is a very strong indication of what home loans will cost you but there are other factors to be considered. For example, should you wish to settle your debt in full before the agreed end date, you may find that the lender has a redemption penalty clause in the contract. This means that they could charge you up to two months interest if you want to settle before the due date. It would pay you to check this before you commit to home loans as this could make your loan a lot more expensive if you do wish to pay off your debt early. In this case it may be better for you to look for loans that have no redemption penalty but perhaps have a slightly higher APR.

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