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Exclusive Real Time Mortgage Leads
by Jennifer Bailey
Real Time Leads are those leads that are fresh, as against those that are sent to several brokers and loan officers and hence recycled many times over. How fresh can Exclusive Real Time Mortgage Leads be? Lets take an example.John is int

Real Time Leads are those leads that are fresh, as against those that are sent to several brokers and loan officers and hence recycled many times over. How fresh can Exclusive Real Time Mortgage Leads be? Lets take an example.

John is interested in a mortgage loan. He gets to the website of a Lead Provider, registers, fills out the Form of Request for Loan, and clicks the `Submit button. Immediately, his Form reaches the Lead Provider. The Lead Provider has a look at it. He gets to the online database of loan officers who have registered at the website and finds out which loan officers lending criteria matches with the lead generated. He immediately sends in the Lead to the matched loan officer. This takes at the most, a few minutes.

Thanks to the Internet and Web Design Technology, databases of Borrowers, Leads and Loan Officers [with access to their own Lead Management Systems], are used in an amazingly fast manner. All the information, as soon as John clicks the `Submit button, reaches the loan officers computer monitor in just a few minutes. When such a `lightning fast mortgage lead system operates on `exclusive basis, we call the leads `Exclusive Real Time Mortgage Leads.

Though the process is incredibly fast, online transactions dont involve `face-to-face meetings of people at the beginning of the mortgage process. Due to this reason, its advisable that all the three parties, the Borrower, the Lender [loan officer] and the Lead Company, check the credibility of each other as well as the documents before signing the loan agreement. Its important to note that the Internet should be used basically as a `gateway in the Mortgage Process. Theres no substitute for `face-to- face human interactions.

Once the functionaries concerned take care of this aspect, Exclusive Real Time Leads are indeed, an excellent phenomenon, as they are `fresh, cost effective and privacy respected. The Speed of Information Flow is what makes Exclusive Real Time Mortgage Leads unique.

Exclusive Mortgage Leads provides detailed information about exclusive mortgage leads, exclusive internet mortgage leads, exclusive telemarketing mortgage leads, exclusive real time mortgage leads and more. Exclusive Mortgage Leads is the sister site of Life Insurance Leads.

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