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Home Loan Refinance and Debt Consolidation
by Carrie Reeder
Refinancing your home loan and cashing out part of your equity can help you consolidate your debt with lower rates. By starting with a pay off plan, you can enjoy being debt free in a few years. As with any type of refinancing, check out loa

Refinancing your home loan and cashing out part of your equity can help you consolidate your debt with lower rates. By starting with a pay off plan, you can enjoy being debt free in a few years. As with any type of refinancing, check out loan terms before committing to a lender. Shopping lenders will save you money in fees and interest charges. But, dont be afraid to lock in rates when you do find a great deal.

Create an Eliminate Debt Plan

Before you start shopping to refinance your home loan, create a pay off plan for your debts. Look at current statements on all the accounts you want to pay off. Total your balances to see your debt amount.

Next, check your home equity balance to see if it will cover your short-term debt balance. Dont forget to include your homes appreciation. In some housing markets, a homes value can increase by double digits in a single year.

Check Out Home Loan Terms from Multiple Lenders

With a cash out equity loan, expect to pay slightly higher rates to refinance. You can still find low rates by checking out loan terms from a variety of lenders. Start with a mortgage broker site to get a general idea of rates. Then expand your search to include individual lender sites.

When requesting quotes, just give basic information about your credit. You dont want a lot of inquiries into your credit report since that will lower your score. One option is to get a free copy of your credit report and submit that information to lenders for a more accurate financing offer.

Apply Online to Lock in a Low Interest Mortgage Rate

Jump on an offer that you think fits your financial situation. Rates change daily, so you dont want to wait too long before locking in rates. This is also the time to let lenders look at your credit report for a specific mortgage offer.

Dont forget that you havent made any binding commitment by asking for quotes. You have the option to decline a loan offer up to three days after closing.

Once you receive your funds, pay off and close out your short term debt to start saving on interest charges.

See my recommended Home Mortgage Refinance Lenders for the lowest rates online.

Carrie Reeder is the owner of ABC Loan Guide.

The site is not responsible for any content in it. E-mail: alldir[at]gmx[dot]com
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