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Zero Down Payment Mortgage Loans
by Sergio Haros
The days of most home owners putting ten percent down on a 30 year mortgage are long gone. One new option is zero down payment mortgage loans.Zero Down Payment Mortgage LoansWhenever you are looking for a loan, there are some good pr

The days of most home owners putting ten percent down on a 30 year mortgage are long gone. One new option is zero down payment mortgage loans.

Zero Down Payment Mortgage Loans

Whenever you are looking for a loan, there are some good principles to remember. First of all, the more money you can put down on a home, the less your interest rate will be and the better deal you will get. Secondly, never settle for the first offer you get, always shop around and compare different offers. Those principles considered, there is a form of loan that may contradict them but still has its purpose: the zero down payment mortgage loans.

Zero down payment mortgage loans are just as they sound, they allow you to mortgage your home with a lender without having to put any money down on the loan itself. What you should know about this, first of all, is that it is violating the above principles and that this form of loan should be sought as a last resort. By restricting yourself to a zero down payment mortgage loan, you are restricting the offers you can get from lenders, since at that point most lenders will offer you the same exact deal. Also, putting no money down will lead to much higher interest rates then you would be paying otherwise.

That being said, zero down payment mortgage loans still serve their purpose. These loans, because they require no down payment, are good for those who have difficulty coming up with the cash savings required for a down payment on a home purchase. This loan can be useful in times when the market is at a low and starting to rise, since the value of the home will rise after the loan has been taken out, and the loan can be used in these cases since if the person receiving the loan waits, the market prices of home could rise considerably over that time. But remember, whenever you use a no down payment mortgage loan, the bank owns complete equity of the home and these leaves you no leverage for receiving loans against your equity. You will only earn equity as you pay off the home and as the value of the home rises.

At first glance, zero down payment loans sound like a great deal. In truth, they should be used as a last resort given the fact you will pay significantly more in interest over the length of the loan. At the end of the day, however, owning a home is better than not owning one, so these loans certainly have their place in the market.

Sergio Haros is with Great Western Mortgage - San Diego mortgage brokers providing San Diego home loans.

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