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Home Equity Loan after Bankruptcy Make a Fresh Start after Bankruptcy
by Carrie Reeder
Making a fresh start after a recent bankruptcy is the best approach for rebuilding your credit history. Filing bankruptcy will result in a negative credit rating, and make it more difficult to achieve great financing rates. However, this sit

Making a fresh start after a recent bankruptcy is the best approach for rebuilding your credit history. Filing bankruptcy will result in a negative credit rating, and make it more difficult to achieve great financing rates. However, this situation can be temporary. After a bankruptcy, you should be eager to improve your rating. Those who act quickly to boost their credit score can expect a higher credit rating in as little as one year.

How a Bankruptcy Affects Your Credit

The average credit score falls below 600 following a bankruptcy. In some instances, scores are much lower, perhaps below 500. The only way to improve your score is to establish new credit accounts. Realistically, this is hard to do. Lenders who review your credit application will notice a recent bankruptcy. Hence, applications for personal loans, credit cards, etc may be denied.

Getting a Home Equity Loan after Bankruptcy

The easiest type of credit to obtain following a bankruptcy involves loans that are secured by collateral. For example, a secured credit card, auto loan, mortgage, etc. With this said, those hoping to improve their credit after bankruptcy may attempt to acquire a home equity loan.

Home equity loans are based on the equity you have built in your home, and are secured by the property. Homeowners get these loans as a means of financing home improvement projects, debt consolidations, college tuition, etc. The amount a homeowner obtains varies. However, the loan cannot exceed the total equity amount. If you have recently had a bankruptcy discharged, these loan may help improve your credit score.

Ways to Use a Home Equity Loan to Improve Credit

Visit to find a list of reputable online lenders for a home equity loan after bankruptcy. If getting a home equity loan, there are many options available to you. Homeowners may actually use the money to finance a large expense, and repay the loan. On the other hand, homeowners may choose not to spend the money.

Instead, the funds can be placed in a savings account. In turn, the home equity loan is repaid using the original funds. After a few months, the homeowners may choose to completely payoff the home equity loan. Once the loan balance is paid in full, this will reflect positively on your credit report, and increase your score.

View our recommended after bankruptcy home equity loan lenders online.

Also, visit ABC Loan Guide to view our recommended sources for a free trans union, experian and equifax credit report.

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