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by Peter Kenny -
Credit cards getting you down at the moment, wish there was a way to ease the burden for a short while and save yourself some money in the process, well read on and find out how. Balance transfers could be the answer to your prayers, so
Credit cards getting you down at the moment, wish there was a way to ease the burden for a short while and save yourself some money in the process, well read on and find out how.

Balance transfers could be the answer to your prayers, some of the introductory deals on balance transfers are really good, some are offering 0% interest rates for a free period of time anything from 6 months to a full year, some of the credit card companies also offer a low interest rate for the lifetime of the account, which will properly be the best option if the amount you transfer is a large amount and you will not have it paid of within the 0% interest free period.

Most credit card companies are jumping on the band-wagon and introducing the 0% deals, as most people want to save some money where possible and the fact that they dont have high interests rates has to be a good thing. One word of warning is check that once the 0% interest free period is finished that the APR is lower than your previous card, there are some good credit cards out their including the Capital One No Hassle MasterCard this card offers you a typical APR of 6.9%.

If you where thinking of taking out a loan from a bank it may be cheaper to look at cash withdrawals through your credit card, handling fees are a lot lower than they have been some credit card companies are offering handling fees between 1.5% and 2% some banks can charge up to 20% on loans under 2000 so keep this in mind before you head off to the bank.

One way to make money while you spend it is Cash back credit cards how good does that sound, you can receive money back usually between 0.5%-2% on all the money you spend, the only thing to watch is the APR is usually higher around 3-4%. This card is ideal if you can pay off your credit card before you incur the interest charges, so depending on how much you spend on your card will depend on how much cash back you receive.

Those are just a few ways in which you can save some money on your credit cards, just make sure you check the 0% cards out properly as you dont want to be costing yourself money, just watch what youre doing and youll come out of these deals with some extra cash.

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