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Doing Debt Right First Time and Not Repeatedly
by Duncan Roberts
Sure, if you had your choice, you’d avoid debt, spend only what you earn, and save a ton of money for the future. But sometimes it just doesn’t work out that easily. Life throws you those little curve balls, such as repairs on your car or home, do

Sure, if you had your choice, you’d avoid debt, spend only what you earn, and save a ton of money for the future. But sometimes it just doesn’t work out that easily. Life throws you those little curve balls, such as repairs on your car or home, doctor visits for your children, or any of those costs that add up and make it near impossible to get ahead. Plus, it doesn’t help that your health benefits keep going up in cost, along with the cost of gas, while your paycheck seems to be staying at the same level indefinitely.

Debt, in other words, sometimes has to be a way of life if you’re going to keep on keeping on. So that leaves with you the option of wracking up debt on high-interest credit cards, which will charge you nearly double-digit interest and will take forever to pay off. Or you could put your hands in your bank and hope they will loan you a second or third mortgage. Or as one last option, you could head to the casinos and put everything you own on red and spin the wheel.

How about choosing the safest path in the middle. That is, don’t mortgage your future, your home, or your family by taking out a risky line of credit on your home. And definitely don’t risk your sanity by hitting the tables at the nearest casino. You might hit it big, but most likely, you just hit the heartache in a big way. No, your best bet is to find the right vehicle for your debt that charges relatively low interest and is safe and secure.

Believe it or not, there are some credit cards now out there that can help you service your debt in this manner. Some of the best cards on the market now are called secured cards, and they are some of the safest out there because they protect your identity and your privacy. For example, if you shop online often or pay your bills on the Web every month, your secured credit card can make it so you don’t have to fear.

One of the scariest things about using plastic on the Web is that hackers, crooks, and other cyber thieves can tap into your account numbers, your birth date, or even your social security. With that vital information, they could then steal your identity, ruin your credit, and make it so you can never take out debt again.

With secured credit cards, though, build up a responsible amount of debt without fear of your identity being snatched from you. You can feel safe with these cards shopping at virtually any site on the Web. One reason is because these cards come with a feature called zero liability. That means that if a thief steals your card, or just your number online, you are not responsible for anything that he bought the card with. Many normal cards, on the other hand, would require that you pay at least $50 or more of the thief’s spending spree.

Some newer secured cards have also what is called one-time, or virtual temporary numbers. With these, every time you shop online, your card changes its account number, so that only you know it. With these features, and then some, you can finance your debt without fear of losing yourself in the process, figuratively and literally.

Having done his own Debt Consolidation himself, Duncan is a bit of a guru by experience. You can learn more of his Tips and Tricks on how to step out of Debt

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