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How Do You Know If Debt Settlement Is The Right Strategy For You?
by Kris Bickell
Struggling with debt and looking for a quicker way to get out of debt completely?There are several different strategies for getting out of debt that can help you. One that is becoming increasingly popular is debt settlement (also called de

Struggling with debt and looking for a quicker way to get out of debt completely?

There are several different strategies for getting out of debt that can help you. One that is becoming increasingly popular is debt settlement (also called debt negotiation).

Debt settlement is a more aggressive strategy for eliminating your debt. And it is not right for everyone.

What makes debt settlement different than other debt reduction strategies?

The process of debt settlement is designed for consumers who are behind on their payments, and wish to avoid bankruptcy. The consumer (or the company hired to represent them, which is recommended) would make an offer to pay off the balance at a reduced amount, often 40-60% of the original balance.

The consumer gets out of debt faster, and saves a lot of money in principal and interest.

The creditor gets a lump sum of money, and gets it faster than if regular payments are made.

How do you know if debt settlement is the right strategy for you?

For anyone considering bankruptcy, debt settlement is a good alternative. While debt settlement does get recorded on your credit report, it is usually considered less damaging to your credit than bankruptcy.

Plus, with less debt, your credit can improve faster, and you’ll have much more financial flexibility and “breathing room!”

For anyone behind on their payments, debt settlement is also a good option to consider. Since late payments are already considered a negative mark on your credit, settling your debts allows you to finally pay off the debt.

For anyone who just has not made any progress paying off their debts, but still pays on time, debt settlement can be considered. While the process of settling debts does work against your credit score, so does a high amount of debt.

So, keep in mind that the main benefit of debt settlement is to pay off your debt as quickly as possible, saving you money in both interest in principal, and allowing for greater financial flexibility.

After all, having good credit is worthless, if you don’t have any money to spend!

Are their any guidelines for hiring a good settlement company?

Like you should do before hiring anyone, it’s a good idea to find out as much about the company as possible. Some good questions to ask (and make sure you feel comfortable with the answers):

How long has the company been in business? Does the company have a good rating with the Better Business Bureau ( What are the fees and expenses? What is the process for collecting your money and making settlement offers? Can the company refer you to other satisfied customers?

Ask as many questions as it takes for you to be comfortable, with both the process, and the company you hire to help you. And read the fine print carefully.

Then you’ll be on your way to a life without debt!

Kris Bickell is the owner of, a helpful site for consumers struggling with credit card debt. For tips on getting out of debt, repairing your credit, saving money, and making extra money online, sign up for the free “5 Simple Steps To Getting Out Of Debt Faster, Fixing Your Credit Problems, & Saving Lots Of Money!” email course at:

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