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How to Choose a Better Debt Settlement Company
by Amy Cook
We all want more for less, bargain has been our innate human quality. We regularly get pop ups, mails, recorded messages, and more from several debt reduction companies. Some of us are drawn in like a moth to a flame at the promise of getting anyt

We all want more for less, bargain has been our innate human quality. We regularly get pop ups, mails, recorded messages, and more from several debt reduction companies. Some of us are drawn in like a moth to a flame at the promise of getting anything for 50% reduction of debt or total debt settlement within one year, or so. Some simply skip through them. There is less harm being moved away by the claim for certain goods or gadgets, but when the issue is credit management and/or debt settlements, one should give a second thought.

How to choose a reliable debt reduction assistance company/agency? There are as many agencies as the number of bad debt situations. Though some companies do what they promise, ensure you get their full story. Consider all the options and choose the better one. In general, a debt settlement company reviews your debts, determines the negotiations. You have sent them the regular payments (including their fees) for settlement of your debts. Ask them what more can they do that you cant do for yourself?

Debt settlement agencies generally contact your creditors and demand them to stop contacting you. You also can do this thing for yourself. What the process involves is an agreement of fair collection. If your creditors still keep on harassing, you can sue them for damages. But the process is not smooth, if you have something more important to pursue, you should avail the services of a reputed debt settlement company.

Debt settlement companies claim that their negotiators will negotiate settlement with your creditors for you, but you have to pay back half of your benefits. True that a professional negotiator can use better tactics to reduce your debt. But you can negotiate on your own. It depends a lot on your creditor whether she/he will prefer a negotiator to pay on your behalf. This will further damage your credit and cost even more money in interest and fees. Im just giving you the facts.

Generally debt settlement cant improve your credit by decreasing you debt-to-income ratio. Moreover, it may damage your credit in other ways. Your payments may lag behind because it will be held by the settlement company until the full amount is received. Because creditors sometimes see that you are unable to repay the entire amount. This creates a condition where you are paying at least something towards debt reduction, but amount is held. Consequently it damages you credit.

Some debt settlement companies prefer settlement through a credit counseling agency. Your interest in a credit counseling agency is largely dependent on you. If you are less worried about your credit rating and want to get rid of debt as soon as cheaply as possible then debt settlement is for you. But if you choose to maintain your credit rating than you should consult a credit counseling agency.

Debt Settlement agencies claim that they can save 50% of your debt and get you out of debt in a year or two. Reality is that they will definitely save 50% of your debt but may take 25% of that as their fee. So, technically you are paying 65% of what you owe. As for repayment time it is up to you. If you decide to pay a fixed amount each month you can reduce your debt as per the calculations.

A debt settlement company definitely knows much better ways to settle your debt. But make sure you are not flattered. Get the real picture of what you are getting (and what you are losing) check the credibility of the debt settlement service provider. Then decide whether you want to go along with their plan or settle the debt on your own.

The author is an expert in>debt reduction solutions. He offers witty financial articles regularly to various ezines.

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